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-The New York Courier andquirer, has come out with an elabórate argument in favor of ihe annexation of Texas to the Union. QA Bill has been introduced into the Senate of Ohio, to make cities and towna tiable for the loss of property occasioned by tnobfl. QIt is eatimated that there will be n deficit in the Treasury of the United States to beprovided for, of $ 14,218,570 63. flrGreat Forgeries are the order of the day. The lateat swindling operation of (nis kind was succe9sfully practiced in New York City, to the amount of f55.000. Some of the slaves of the late Hon. John Forsyth, Secretary of Sta te, we re lately sold at auction in Washington. There is republicanism for you! (TIn Tennessee are 58.000 white persons, over 20 years of age, who cannot read or write. A considerable share of the legal voters must consequently be unable to read the laws enacted by their legislators.