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Southern Notions

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"Let an abolitionist come witliin the borders of South Carolina; ifwocan catch him, fe will try bim, and nothwths-an!ing the interference of all the governments on earth, including this Federal Governinent, we will HANG him." - Senator Preston of S. C. "Slavery as it exists with as, we deny to be an evil, and we regard those wlo are now making war upun it, in any simpe, or underany pretext, as furious faiiain s, ir knavca and hy,;ocrites; and we herefiy promise them, upon all occasion?, which may pul thern in our power, the fate of the pirate, incendiary, and the midnight aasassin." - Citizens of dimden, S. C. 'The northern people will never sacrifice their present lucrative trade with the South, so lonc as the hanaine of a fewthnusands will prevent it. - Richmond WUig. 07-J. C. Gurney, nnd his celebrated siaicr, Elizabeth Fry, have been plending the cause of emancipution in Holland and Denmark, with great success. Meetings íor íhat expresa purpose were held at Rotterdam, the Hugue, fc.