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In Senate, Jan. 28 - The Senators were claesified, and the narnes of MeBsrs. Kin, ley and Shearrer were drawn. They aerv for one ycar. Jan. 29.- Mr. Kingeley, from a minorty of the judiciary Comrabtce reported a joint reeolutioo to tanend tho Constitution, by ex. pungiog the word "whito" from the second section, so ob to extentl the electivo fran. chise to colored pereont?, Laid on the table On motion of Air. Kikgsley. tho Senate took up the bill to extend tbe rigbt of trial by jury. The bül come up witha metion pending 10 rcferit lo (he committee on the Judiciary, with inetructiona to etnke out the two la8t seclione. Mr. Kikgsley asid iftheeo iwo eectbna were stricken out, the bil] migU as vvel! bo dropped. These were the eections that rendored tho wholo operative- without (hem the bill would bo a nulity- a mere mockery. Mr. Cüst called for a decisión of thj questioir The queslion of reference wns lost. Mie. Grkknlï moved that tho two sec lions referred to ba stricken out. Ho eaidr they conüicted with the Iav3 of the United States, and that thie State would onïy by rendering herself rediculous by passing thern, A debute ensu3d- Mr, Kingsley for retaining the sections-vlfr. Grcenly for etri kiu out- and Air, Walker against the wholo bill, Tho8ection3 were struck out by the fo!iowing vote, Yeas- .Yessr8, BurchjCrust Gidley, Grsa ger, Greenly, Hewit, Redfield, hearer, Walker, Warner - 10, Nays - .!We6srs,Cham})lin,Derming, Kinea ley, Trowbiidge. Wakefieid, Wixoin-6, The bill tluin comiog up for a passage II was laid on the table, Jan, 81,- Ir, Hktvitt moved totakeup ihe right of trial by jury, which waa agreed to, Tho iSenate passed a bill to prevent ilegal banking, designed lo reach the bank of St, Clair, which haa a largo amount of billa in circulation, mado payable in Ohio, Tho bill prolubits such issues uader a fine of $500 for each offence and imprisonmenltill paid, The bill was also introduced to reach the Michigan Inpurance Cotnpany, which issues bilis payable in curraut bank notes,- Such issues are prohibited under tbe same penalty. In the House, Mr, Lamp hrought in a bilí to repeal the license lavv, hi Senate, Peb, S,- Tho bill to aholfesb: thu office of County Commissioner, and reesttbJishthe board ot Supervisors, was passed - Yeas 12 - Naye 4. H allows supervisors $1,50 per doy for their eervicee, In the House, Peb, 4,- Tbe question bein on thedisposkion of thePetitiona of 119 citizene of Berrien county, in relation to religious tests applied to wilnesses in Courts of-justice, the petitions were referred to a committee of five with instruclions to report a bill, that q man's belief shall not affect hifl competency as a witaess, Feb. 5, - Tho committee reported a bill as m9tructed yesterday, and it passed without debate, Mr. Hewitt moyed to take up the bill to extend the right of trial by jury to fugitiva 8lavee, which was agreed to. The bill caine up wiih a motion pending to strike out the two Ia6t eections of the billr which provides that no judge or officer within this State, shal] have authority to deliver. up a fugilive slave; without being triedun der tbe provisions of this act, and found; by a jury to be a fugUive. The question to strike out was taken byyeas and nays, and resulled in the offirma tiveas follows: Yeas - Messrs. Burcli, Gidley, Granger, Hewitt, Redfield, Walker, Warner- 7. Nays - MessrsChainplin,Den)ming,Kings ley, Trowbridge, and Wixom - 5. The bill was then read a third time and passed. Mr, Fessenden presented a report i favor of tho principie of taxing propertyfor ihe support ofcommon schools,fjDuring the last week in December, the Senate spent six hc-urs in eession, and the House about ten. The pay of eaeb member for this amount of labor is 558 each. Is this a Whig or Democratie reform? Teil us! It is but justice to esy ihat Mr. Giddings made an unsucceesful attempt to save the Friday'a sos9ion, but was overruled, OCIThe Madisoman, tho organ of President Tyler ofiBcialJy denies the statement of John and Charles Tyler which we published a few weeke smee. tCRobertP, Eldredge of Macomb, bas been appointed Secretary of State in the placo of Jtfej. Rowland. {L?The annual report of the Exocutiva cornmitíee wiíl appear next week, fcfJan, 20, the resolutions of the Ver mont Legislatura for the repeal the Slat Rule was laid on the table, 88 to 861- What will the Verraonterp pay to that!