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For The Signal Of Liberty

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Ex. Com : Gkntlkmbn: - I m much x rejoiced lo learn thal our State í ry Anniveraary ut Marshall, wus very i fully attended, notwithstanding the I vorable state of the travelliug, and that I every thing weut ofl' finely. 1 regret that I wns nol present. I doubt ess lost much. It is the only occasion of he kind ever held withiri a 100 miles of me that I have not attended. 1 have not earned all the proceedings of the meeting. Sul thia much however, I have learned, 'or which I feel called upon to render my )ersonal and most grateful acknowledgnents in behalfof the poor, helpless Blavo, that the following gentlemen contributed the respective suins as follows, towards liquidatingtny claim upon the friends of liberty in Michigan, lt looks like pure ABOL1T1ON. Towit:- Wm. Fifield, Jaekson, $3,00 Reuben L. Hall, Kaisin, 1,00 George Lowell, Marshall, 1,00 C.Philbrook, Adnan, 5.00 Isaac A. Wylliü, JacUson, 1,00 R. B.llexfotd, Nupuleon, 5,00 Amasa Waters, Union, 2,00 R. Büker, Oneida, E.non co. 2,00 J. B. Mason, Batile Creek, 2,00 Stillman P. Rees, Marshall, 2,00 Nathan Power, Farminglon, 10,00 Rcv. Elias Child, Aibion, 5,00 A.-a W. Bushnell, Leroy.Cal. co.2,00 Naihan Durfee, Marshall, 5,00 O. ii. Fifield, Jackson, 2,00 J.N. Ta) lor, 1,00 J. Wbitman Jr. and O. Uamplon, 8,00 William Brace, Marshall, 2,00 J. D. Zimrnerrnan, Union, 2,00 Rev. Chas. B. Taylor, Albion, 2,00 Rev. N. G. Chase, Napoleon, 2,00 Chas. H. Stewart, Detroit, 15,00 J.S.Fitch, Marshall, 20,00 I have also received $5,00 from onenot yet an abolitionist, whose name I regrot tosay, I am not at liberty to give. May iieaven Mess him; and may he soon be an abolitionist of the truest kind. $16,25 in cash was also con'.ributed al Marshall by persons unknown. If my friends in the State keep on at this rate, they will surely soon havo it to say, they owe me nothing, but "GCOD'WILL." Yours with much esteem,