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Whigs And Abolitionists

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- O OrTho Whigs in Ohio have made the discovery that abolitionisrn nfter ll is not such a terrible thing - the nddress of the Liberty Paf ty of that State is pure whi doctrine! Perhaps the whigs in thid State may come to the same conclusión. Gentlemen Whigs! suppose you look into this matter. sla ver y Convention.- A bou i two hundred delegates of the antislaverj party assembled in Columbus last week, and nominated Leicester King of Trumjjull county, as a candidato for Governor. Öir. King is one of the iïrst men in the State - is distinguished for his general intelligence, high moral worth, practical ability, and s an ardent and devoted Griend of Liberty. We could vote for Judge King with all grace, but the propriety and expediency of brioging him before the people at this juncture and under the circumstances is what we look at. lic is an aholilionist! Wbat a bug bear! Now we do not think of asking whether a man isan abolitionist or not, so he is a good man, a true friend to his countrj' - an advocate of equal rights aud liberty in iis broadest sense, that is the kind of a man whom we will support. The principies put furth iu the address of this convention are Whig to the core - they are the very principies, foi which we have ever contended. The alr olitionists have got the start of us some how or an other - they have taken our weapniu, and are determined lo kill us and tho hjcofocos loo. So far as it is in our power, we will not subrmt to thia - we intend to udvo cate our principies, and if Judge King should be made eovernor, at our expense