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Two Strings To The Bow: For The Signal Of Liberty

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As it was at the organization of our Government, &o it s notv, elaveholders bave two strings to their bow, pulüng either or both as bï suiis their purpose. At the formation of the Federal Conetitulion, a eucccssful pull was made by the slaveholder to have the ratio of representaron based upon aporlion of 6lave jiopulaüon, and consequcntly they bave notv twenty-five ( eentatives in Congress more than they vrould be untitled to by the white population : a lacit acknowledgemeat that their slaves vere Human beings. Iïaviug succeeded bo derfully as far ae representation is concorncd ' they then thought t neceesary to pull the j olher etring, to have a clause embodiad in j the conetituiion to transforom their elaves into Chattols personal, to prevent thom from ; putting rtieir locomotive powera in motion, and migrating to the land f steady habite, or Victoria's peaceable domains, and it was ! provided by the con6tiluiion that they might j bo claimed os such. Bolh strings have been pulled with 8UCCCS9 fiom tima to time, bb ' their intcreït rcqnired, and the elaveholdeis have controllcd the destiniee of the natjon, evei since tho organization of the Govcrn j ment, At the late extra 6ession of Congress, a lieavy pull was made, and with effect by pullmg thousands of dollars into their j ets of the hard earnings of the northern fi;ee ! laborers, who have enniributed nearly all ■ in accumulating the weallh of the nation. - j Tho Diatribution Bill was passed, based on j the ratio of represuruation. instead of free population os it sbould have been. The tuno is soun to come, wheo a last and fjnal pull is to bc made on a cord already begining to ■ to be 6tr.iincd, which will finally be ed, and (lie ölavr.liolders must look for their j chattelfl on somo other so'ü than that of these United States. Thit time will be when the Liberty Party succeeds, by sending men to ropresent ilicm in Congress, I who are of sterling worlh, and who daro j act upon principie. Then the northern Dough-faced gentry will retire in oblivion nnd only be remetnbered as beings that have been. The iusiitution of slavery already begins to reet and totter to Us ba6e, and at nu li6tantday lalls to rise no mote, and will only be knnwn on tho page of history, as a Ihiog thal was. Our southern nabobs are rjetting quite frantic with rRgeand threaten war and dissolution of tho öpion. For the h'rstthey are not prepared trfnd cannot be without the consent of torU.): and to divido the Union, Ihey Jfl Étfür without the norvh they net er Ê k subsisted ua free and independBJJ Wb A few moro Amistad and CreolccSPP nnd their boiler U'hnt eay you,ye friends of überly and equal rignts, will you aid by your influe'nce and VOTJAS to cmgh the vilesl institntion that ever disgraced a nniion, and have the satisfaction of being instrumental in elevatint? nearlv.Uïikee milhons of chat