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The Legislature adjourned last Wedncsday, after a scssion of e bont mx weeks. II is weJl for the peopla they adjourned as they did- chiefly, because we have too much legislation. To bc useful, lans should be altered as iiltlo as possible. It has been customary to enact a. batch of one or two hundred per annum, and befóte they could be vvell understood by tbe peopl, aoother batch would supcrsede thera. Aa to the qualily of the legisla! on, we need say but little. The pecuniary affairs of the State have probably been gathered n to a little botter shape. Bat on the que3tion of equal rights, of which the Demócrata boast so much, they have preved aa recieant as we nnticipdted. They have laid on the tabk'. repeatedly, a resolution instructing our Congressional Delegation to defend the riglit oi' petilion. This Í9 the more unfortunate, as experieoce, that our members to Congtess are oot apt to be over zealou3. The Jury Trial Bill passed the Seríate, after having two sections stricken out, so that it should be uílcrly usrh;ss, and this apology for a law was rejecteu afier it was eeojt to the House. The numerous petitlons fur the extensión of the right ofsuffïage were sc&m-oly ocieod at all, but many petitions of both classes .ere laid on the table n the without any nction whatever. Sucb has been the course of the Democratie Legislature on these pointa of vital iflterest, and our cour6e is perfoctly plain. - Such Democracy is completely hollow heart ed and hypoci itica! in its pretensions to zeal for equal rights, and is unworthy the support of an honept man. We have no doubt that the many hundreds of lfgal oters in all parts of the State, who signed the peti-. tions above mcutioned, wiH remomher the treatment their views have reteived in the Legislature, end will hereafter be6tow their suffrages for men who will pay soine regard to the constitucional rights of their ftllovvcilizens.