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Horrid And Abominable!

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j Read the iullowing frotn Mr Wiae'p speech, showing tho awful e&cta of atknowledging the iudependence of Hayti. Read ü! aud oee ii tho blood doea nol 9urdle ui your veinB. Shall a moasure be tolerated, tltat will bring ouch calamities oa the natioo? "LIq riekt adverted to another open question wVih a foreign powor other titan Uroat JBriiain. While Texas was no favorite ivitti ihe Angló American Aholition Dissolütioñ party, thure was unother State whioh enjyed the wannest beamsof their favorable regnrd; he ailuded lo uur black aisterltepublicofilaytijand t wasagreat object with thom to gel her independence recognized by this Governmeoï, for the purpose, he suppoöe(i,ofseeing the Quabh ipompo caricature, which had once created sj much merriment in the Hall, actually realized. Yes,Quashipunipo was hinisell io be here, wtslj his wuolly head and his black Bkin, dressed out in all the nerro lnery ollns diplomatic costume, as one ol the foreign Mitiistc;s, and Io altend the l'resident's léyees in solemn state. Ue womd next walk into this hall, and be ' truducod to Southern gentlemen here us their equal, if nota hule mure; and the next step would be (hut he must be receivel ut our enteriainments, and, hs a high i'oreigQ funetionary, he rmisijpfcó.urse give eiüena.nineuis in return. This was the aurt ui a ma Iga mat ion so éarneslly sought to be introauced by a certain class ofzeiilots among us. This was wliat MrVV. called social amalgamatioti v. ith a vengeance; a ma Iga mat ion introduced, not into the country merely, but into the Cuurt. And he did nol doubt, if Monsieur Quashipompo should enttr here with his crooked negro shirts and bis eplay leet shining and glittering in negro splendor, and was to make his negro congee, there would instantly be sume tbirty or forly gentlemen ot ihut ÍL)UPe who would be fofward in bhewing him every maik ol' afftjctioiiate welcome and personal refpect and reverence. Was this to bo loleruted? Was it 10 be endurcd that an Fnglish influence was to be aided and abetted in introducing here vheso practical tests of universal emancipation?"