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Origin Of The Florida War

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- Thatthe recover? of fugitive slaves, and the prevention of their escape in future, were the real objccts of the Florida War, is provecí from many documenta, Read the following from a speech of Mr. Downing, Delégale from the Territory in Congress, Feb 9.1841. 'He asked, for whul we phould have gone ti) nar, if nút on account of the detstruction of our property, and the EJYTICIJYG AW A.Y of our negroes, and the murder of our wives and children." fXIt is said that straws show which way the wiod blows. In Congress, the other day, Mr. Marshall of Ker.tucky, said: "Let ub hear no more abstract reasoning aboutthe riglits of war. and the assertion that all men are bom equal." Mr. Marshall Í9 & prominent Whig. Ia t íaíhionable with Whigs to scout the fundamental principies of our Government at a mere abstraction? (TJTho Vermom KeBolutions, publisheJ last week, were not laid on the feble, but the motion to receive was leid on th lable. According to a decisión of the Speaker in a similar case the day following, the Itcsoluliona were thus denied a reception1 Remem ber,Whig8 and DemocratB united in doing it! QRead the following: - 'VVhen the Pennsylvania Hall w.s humt down, every fibre of my heart was icitk the mob, and 1 thankeo them in my heart, for THE DEF.D." This K&s the public declaration of Heshv A. Wise, ia CoDgress, Feb. 9, 184 1 - u prominent ally and leader of the VVhigs of Michigan. Do they approve his sentiments? The Emancipator has received more ilian a thousand subscribers in six weeks The editor thinksof startiní a daily soor. 'Abolition is dying awoy!!11