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Whig Testimony To The Potency Of The Slave Power!

Whig Testimony To The Potency Of The Slave Power! image
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speech of Juhn Davis, iww GoyêVnir of I Masaachusetts, when Sennior in Congreso fouryears ago. Wtial will the Whigssay a;ainst the evidence of "Ilonest John Davis?" tlThis nlerest [slaven] has ruled the destinies of the republic. Fojf forty ntJtóf forty-eight years, it has given us a President f rom its own territury,und of its own seltclion. During all lliis time, it iins nul nnly hud u President sustaining its own peculiar views of public poliiy, hut through him, has held and used, in ïis own way, the whole organization of all ihe Départmenls, and uil the vast and eólnirölling patronage incident to thal oMi-R, (o aid il in carrying on ita views and policy,ns woll as to proieeittud secure lo it cvery . tajie.Let us explore a littlu Airtlier, nntl sec how tiie two houses of Congress have been organized. For thirty.years nut ofthirtysix, thal interest lias placed its own speaker in the chuir of the other H mse, tlius securing the organizaron oí committees, and the grewt influence of that station. And, sir, while a!l other interests Imve, durin part of the time, had ihe cíinir (Vice Presideney) in which you preside, asigted to them, as an equivalent for these great concessionsj yet, in each year, vhe a President pro tem. is eleeted, who, upon the oontingencies mentioned in ihe C jnstitulion, will be the President of the Utiiiod Siales, that inWiresl has invariably given us ihat office. Liok, I beseech you, through all the places of honor, of proilt, and privilege; nnd there you wijl find thè representatives of this interest in nuhiLérs that indícate i!s influence. Does nol ihen, this interest rule, gviide, and ftdopt public policy to its own views, and fil it to uit iho actinn ind products of its mvn l.tbor?"'