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Low Price Of Wool

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[t appears frotnanarticlein the Detroit Advertiser, thatby the compromiso act of 1 832, coarsc wool is admitted duty free. Tuis was broughl about by southera policy to favor foreign wool growerB, and by llius admitting wool free,, to secure a ditninution of the duty on cotton. in foreign porto. Under tbis act, the i:nportation of wool has increased from 3,214,880 Ibsin 1822, to 9,712,015 Ibs. in 1841, being eqtial in arnount to half the quantity raised by farmers In this country to be sold to manufacturera. Henee the great reduction of prices.(tOur frieuds in Lodi, havo notninaled for SUPERVISO. CSiauncey Jirasicli, TOWN CLERK. D.-Uïus S. AVood. ÜjWm. R. Perry, Esq. and Richard B. Hall of'this rillage, were admitted as Attorcy 's and Counsellor's at Law, at tho Febuui y seesion of the Circuit Cóurt fur thia ounty. flJThe Dissoluüon petition.presented by Q, A 0 a tri s, was headed by Nathan Webser, a leading Loco Foco, and candidato for ie Senate of Massachusetts. He is spoten of as a man of rnuch probity and resectability - one unlikely tö eign euch a paer, unless lic was ia earnest.