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Washtenaw Awake!: Right Of Petition And Free Discussion!!!!

Washtenaw Awake!: Right Of Petition And Free Discussion!!!! image
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(tThose citizens of Waehtenaw who are in favor of the unrestrjeted Right of Peti tion and Free Discuseion, are requeeted to meet at the Court House in Aan .tfrbor, on Wednesday, the thiriieth day of March next, at 10 o'clock, A M, to expresB their views concerning the recent transactions in Congress having reference to the Right of Petition, the Creóle case, and the Beries of aggressions continually making there by Southern elaveholders, opon the righls and intoresta of the Northern people. G Beckley, C Garland, J B Barnest R Waterman, Sabio Felch, C Moseley, S D Noble, S Hil!, Norman Gurnsey N Tubbs, D A JWcCollum, A Delematter, S B Noble, PMiñnis, Thomaa Hoskins, C P Briggs, NCGoodale, W Jones, Georga Tubbs. S M Adaire-, Henry Dwight, G N Stoddard, Jacob DoreiuuB J Bange, T Foster, U Bower, AI Kenny, L Vanee, WWWillettt, Zenas -ffrsh, Ira Seymour, S Jenninge, M Jennings, J Powcll, D T McColIürn, J H Lund, R Sinclair, J W Colima, H VVelch, J W W.ite, J Voorheis, A M JVToble, A Shaw, L Farrand, B Porter, L Beckley, J B Woodroughj C 2VOnnsby, I Williams, E Bottsford, S Campbell J R Hidden, J Hoff, W W Quackenbush, R Moor, Job Slatford, J Chanjller, Jr. C L BangB, Wm Allen, C L Vevvcornb.