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The Detroit Fiee Presssaya: "It is an alarming faet, that since Jühn Quincy Adams iutroduced into Congress the petition to dissolve the Union, tha whig capera have been wanner and louder in their Draises of him than they had ever befóte 3een. It really does seem ae if the Northern vhig8 would prefer au alliance witii ihe Cañadas, rather than with the Southern States." The Free Pve68 has especial reaeons for an 'alliance" with the slaveholders at this present lime. Mr. Jefferson said "the Democracy of the North is the natural ally of the South:" and we find that it ie bo practically. See with what unanimity they go for gags year aftor year. Scarcely a man dares to kick in the traces. How vory few paper3 of that party vent.ure to speak for the rightsof norihurn freemen. There can be no doubt that the Northern Dernocrats intend to make such a confederation with their "natural allies" as will elect a President in 1844 who will be either a slaveholder or a servile and devoted creature of theirs - ready to do whalsoever his masters niay require. The slaveholders mieaed it whon they dissolved with the Democrats in 1840, and took the Whig3 under their protection. The latter are not and nerer will be ae obedient subjects as their competitors. The Southerneis now see their mistake, and are re turning again to their ''first love."