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We latoly proponed to theJacksoci Dernocrat the nquiry, what he thought of that damocracygwhleh supports gags. He haa favored us with a rply, in which, if we understand rightly; he takes the ground, 1. That all petitiona ought to be received,, except those for dis6olu(ion of the Union. 2. That the votes for the 21t Rule in CongresB, given by democrats, were all given conscientioualy. 3. That the righting oífintmcial disorders is Ihe firet thing incurnbent on ihose in power, and that, in the particular eraergency in which the Democratie members were placed, they acted proporiy, in voting for tho Gag, as the least of two evils. Tliis last position is not expresely asserted, hut the whole countonance ot the article looks that way. - If we are %rong, we are willing to be corree ted.Th is specimen of Democracy is about in keoping with whnt we usa&lly ñnd. First, the righfe principie is conceded to start wiih - Hhnost entirely . Nest, a special plea pat in, that althongh they acted direclly contrary to their own ptinciples it wae always Jjno with a gooi int ention, and in those ' peculiar circumslancea they were not to blame - not much at aoy rate. So the Democratseems to be oppoaed to gags in general, and in favor of them occasionally - when the public good requires il. We are indebted to the Democrat for the following cheermg iuforrnation: "Twenty thouaaud rank Abolitionists have ben made since th present whig retrenchment and reform CongreBs comnienced operatioflB."