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"how Are The Mighty Fallen!": For The Signal Of Liberty

"how Are The Mighty Fallen!": For The Signal Of Liberty image
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Webster I 1 have just iinished reaïios., almost wilh tears in my eyeSj his to Mr. Everett 01 ihe Greole affair. TbJ8 mess of slavebreeding ab_ aurdities, of negro-whipping monstrosities" from the "exjpoundcr" of the Consthuiion - frotn.him who bul a few years ago went forth with tbe courage of Héctor against. the miserable and puny assnilants olconslitutional- Itberiy 1 Yes, tut the Hecior of 1830 is convorted into the scullion of. 1842 broughtdown, by cursed ambition, to iefer cleaning dUhes in the kilchen of tiis masters, betbre wicldiog ihe falchiou. of liberty ! Jiistio ihilik of ii! An American Stcrèt,:ry of Siaie, and that SecreUvry, Daniel VVehstèr, to say , or what is the same thing,. to teil aootfier to say for htm-- to 'ihe min[ister of a múnarchy agninat which we, in by-gone timeá pui lyrih thñ proeja maiiofr. lliai all men wro èntitled to libeity andto the pursuit ofhappiaees - for an:an Sccrelury lo be found urging On anrther naiion ihut "comity" demanda of it o suspend its fuuduniüdtul law ot' freedom,, hat American elavelíréeders nmy carry ou-. lieir deiestable traínVl Are vc reduccd o tina? llave v e bicorne so base? Shall m adminisiraiion remain in office that. tvould malee us the-tcürn and scoff of tho world inore than we arealready? In theunguish.of oiy hearí, tara ready to.cry uut, away witli it; liie slave, is our wuiüi enem - he that supports il isaneiiemy to ihe hberties ot' nis country. War, war, elernal war agninst the inhuman pi-rutes who have fkst made war against tiuirinnity. Il" a Riisstan slave slnp saiüng from St. Petersburgh, withöüü slavea of a Russiuti, nobleman dcslined to clcar up hts plantation, or. lus principality, on the westernshore of America whcrethe Czar has possessions, were to Le driven by stress of weuther inio Boston; or, if the suid slaves yhould rise on the crew and take posses--ion óS the vessel ,and with a single view to recover their inalienable right of liberty, bring her into Boston; or even ïf coloreas'.avesof Cubaor Mariinique were todoso - what would Mr. Welister sy to Russia or S[ain,.or Francc, claiming said slaves,ör the price of' their booies. Have tho authorities of. Massachusetts any power loiold these men in bonda? To redelivcr them to the enslavere?. Has the general government such power? Or shall Mr.Webster nut aside the Constitution and1ubstitute íbr t the comxty of nations - polcly hand-cuffiing men, white er bkekwho indícate rights, and deliv.ering them over ver to llicir lordly masters? Mr. Webster tnows thïit the very ihing he tuksofthe Britibli Government to do, it wouid bc theïlcst treason to do in return. Curhod, cursed auibiticn l what artthou ailydoing! callcd godiike, of trnnscenent angehihou makest dirty, mean, ying cvÜ8; oí' men tDou dost make muGk-wonn elighting in filth. Well, it's a mournful ghi, full of sorrowful thoughls. ludigant as 1 am, because my country is deradcd - di.grac3d, I cannot but pity poor Webster! Poor fellow ! he must be u Joiv r Turk - nay a very Hyrcanian bear that - knowingfrom what height fallen - vvouldïot pity him. For who ought to be pitied f not he who renounces all title to th&espect of ihe virtuous, or tor hiinseli. - ['he most pitiful man isat the same timfr he most pitiuble. Puor Sampson grindjng or the Phiiistines! sad spectacle! butnoi ütogether sad. Sampson did it unwillingy. He was in durance vile. His soul ïaicd what his hands did, and at last he nid down his life to show how he hittcd he vile drudgery. He challengcs somc what of our respect. But our Sampion! oor abjeot fawner! He lies down al tb. 'eet of women floggers - does iheir wotk willingly, and rejoices when they pathiiii on ihe back, Cursed, cursed ambition! - You will scon convert the '-expoundir" u'ï the Constitution into an overseer. I can nlmost fanr.y 1 sec hirn tkulking over thecotton field, cowsrkin in hand, or into a Suulhern auöUurffecri, 1 can almost tc& him now, wiih harnmer in hand, and hear him crying out, "going - gning- going- göjtieï! - take him sir, u fitst ratíbargain -. you havo made; a chuice wench ; who'll now rive rne a !)iJ for her child, n likely