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Washtenaw Awake!

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Right of PetUion and Free Discussioiü'.W Qr'Those citizens of YVashtenaw wlio aro n favor of ihe unrestricted Right of Petition and Free Discubsion, are requcsted to meet at the Court House ín Ann Zrbor, nn Wednesday, the thirtieth da y of Mitrch icxt, at 10 o'clock, A M, to expresa tlicir views concerning the recent trnnsactions in Cmigress having referenco to the Right of Petition, the Creóle caso, ;md tlie series of 8ggresaion8 pontinually uiaking there by Southern slaveholdera, upon ihe righls and interests of the Northern peoplo. G Beckley, C Garland, J B Barnes, R Waterman, Sabin Felch, C M ose ley, S D Noble, S Hill, Nornma Gurnsey N Tubb?, D A Jiic('ollum, A Delenmtlcr, S B Noble, P Miuinjs, Thomas Hoskins, C P Briggs, N C Goodale, W Jones, Geoige Tubbs. S M Adaire, Henry Dsvight. G N Stoddard, Jucob Doreniue J Bang.i?, T Foster, H Bower, M Kenny, L Vanc,. W W Willotts, Zenas Jfth, lia Seyrnour, K Jcnninga, AI Jenriings, J Powell, D T McCollum, J H, R Sinclair, J W Coilin3, H Wdcii, i W Waite, J Voorhuis, A M JVoble, A Shaw, L Forrand, B Porter, L Beckley,. J B VVoodrough, C N Ormaby, I Williamg. E Bortafi.rd, f Campbell J R Hiddcn, J Hoff, W W Quackonbush, R Moor, Job Slattord, J Chandler, Jr. C L Bangs, Wm Allt-n, C L AVwcotnb.