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The Following Work, Has Been Compiled From The London Pictor...

The Following Work, Has Been Compiled From The London Pictor... image
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WIIICII SELLS IN TUIS COUNTRY FOH $18 TO S25 I'ER COPY. Every man, tooman and child in the United States, who possess a Bible, will surehj furnish themstives wilh tlic jullüwing beautiful series of Scriplure Illuslraüons. rtCTOUlAL ILLU3TRATIONS OF VllH BIBLE, AND VIEW OF THE IIOLY LAND. R'eio, cheap and valuable publication. - Fovr hundred pages, 8 vo. fine paper,handsomcly bound. Price ovly TfVO DOL- LARÍS. The subscribcr rcspcclfully invites the aticution of Clergymon, Teachers of Sabhath Schoole, Heads of Families, and Bookselliirs ibronghout Vhc United Mates,to Ihc above New, Ciio;ip and eplciitlidly IIIns- triucd work. Published and for sale at No. 122, Nassau street, New Vork city. lts fcaiurca are better define d by the titlc: - Ttco hundred Pictorial Illuslrations of the SCRIFTURES, COKSiSTING OF VIEWS IN THE HOLY LAND; Tpgether witli many of the most rcmark;ible objects mentioned in the old and new testamentP, re)rcbeming sacred historical events, copicd from celubrated pictures, principally by ilie old inastTrs. the landscape scènes, taken from original sketches made on the spot, with lull ;md intereeting1 letterprcbs descriptions, devoted to an examination of! the objects mentioned in the 6acred text. On exaniiDation this will be found a very pleasant and profitable book, especially for the perusal of Yuxjng People, aboundiug in ihe most valuable information, collected with great care, from the best and latest sources. It may , very properly, be designated a common place book for every thing valuable relating lo oriental mannors, customs, Sic.and comprises vvithin Uself a complete library ui rHigious and usoful knowledge. A volume like the present, is far superior to the com mon Annuals - it will never be out of d;ite. It is beautifully printed in new long primertype - handsoincly bound in Muslin, gilt and Icttercd; and is deciledly,tho best and cheapest publicalion (for the price,) ever issued hom the American Prees. Clergymen, Supcrintendants and Teach. ers ofsabbuth schools, agenls of religieus newspapors and pcnoiíieals,postmasteis and booksellers, throughout ihecouutry, are respectfully requested to netas our.ogenlF. No letter will be taken from tho ollioe unless post paid. To Publishers of Papers throughout the United Slates.- Newspapers or Magazines, copying the abotfe entire without any a!teration or abridgoin nt (including tilia notice,) and giving it Vt inside insertions, sliall ri- ceive a copy of tlie work, (subject to tlieir order,) by sendintr directiona to tho Publisher. 29-12w yQrTho abnve work may be had at the Book htore of Dea. Chas. Mosely, one door weut of the Lafayctte, Ann Arbor.A liberal discount made to wholesale purchasers. Persons in the country, wishing to net as agent-q, may olitain all the r.ecessary information, by addr. ssing their letters (o tinsubscriber, No. 122, Nassau street, N. Y. ROBERT SEARS, Publisher.