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"Address To The Slaves.": For The Signal Of Liberty

"Address To The Slaves.": For The Signal Of Liberty image
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Having observed in the Signal of Librty nnd from aome individual friends of miimn rights, exceptions and objections to io uddress of the N. Y. .Anti-Slavery Society to the alavés of the Southern Suites, ndvising them, "to lake of the proprty of the inhubitanis so íar as may ba nU?pen8ubly necessary te eifect the object of' iheir flight from slaveiy lo the land of reedom," 1 ask a small space in your co{urjms to present to your readers u fewboughi in vindication of ihe advice given o the slaves. In order lo arrive at corect conclusión, wc must first establisb, r rathér ascertain what are establishcd principies ir. relation to ihe case. For lus purpose, we will supposo ihe slaveïolding states had declored a warofexermination against ihe colored people iviihin their jurisdictionj who. of the civilzed or chrisitaa world, would not justify Lhe advice given the elaves or colored jeople fleeing for their lives, from those Staicsj all v.ould approvo and endorse that advice, on the principie of eelf-preservation even at the sacrifico of our enemies in war rather than to sacrifico ourBelves. .ágain, supposo those States had Ibrmally made a declaration of war of subugation of the coiored population. Had that people hilherto been free, the applicalion of the same principies would be made, and conclusions of justification drawn as in the case first eupposed. And now we ask wherein thesystems of slavetiolding which subject to perpetual bondage, body and aoul, parent and child, forever, difiera in principie from a governmental declaration of war, for either annihilation or entire and perpetual subjugation. No rational man will claim that we are bound to withhold resistance, or treat as friends, (until a formal declaration of war is mude) those who, by a continued, series of aggressions, evince unequivocally, a determination to continue ucourso of the vilestoppression, and toUÉÉ e in the dust the dearest nghta of mankind.