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We bc ar of late muchon tii id subject, and there ia eomo talk of gojng to war upon it. The eu'ra of the matter, aa we understanij it) is this: Britain has concluded Conventiona with, Brazil, Denmark, Holland, Naples, Portugal, Sardinia, Spain, Sweden, and moro recently with Austria, Fr anee Prussia, and Russia, by which each power agrees, in furthorance of the euppreesion of the slavo trade; (o grant to the cruisers of tho other powerB,warrantB to search in certain epecified cases, and if claves be iouno', to send in fnr adjudicalion ships bcaring its national flag. America dissents frons ibis aliiance into which the civiiized world has entercd. It ia obvious, as the matter now stands, tlmt by buiating en .'imerican flag, any slaver may be perfectly secure from 6earch by any foreign power; whence Eaglisb and other vessels engsged in the elave trade not un frequently ehew ,4mericati colore, fur tke solo purpone of escaping a searcli. On this account, Lnghsb cruisers take the liberty to eearch ever; suspreted vessel dieplaying ímencan colore: ifthey fmd ehe belongs to the United States, allhough i'ull of slares, they dismiss her ; but if she be a elaver really beloaging to one of the contracting powers, although apparently yimericau, they take possession of her, and send in for adjudica tion. England claims a right lo examine Hm papers of véasela carrying the American -ufficiently to ascertam that they are jimv-ficun, and not Enghsh. or belonffing tothe cootraciing powere. Our government demea ihat EngliBh. cruisere bave any right to detain, examine or scarch any AmcTicun veasel, ou any euspicion wbatever - which is io face, equivalent to saying they have no right to search any vessel bearing American color 6. A natural consequence of tbis would be, tbat al] the el&vers ie the world would carry on Ihcir business with perfect impuniiy under the flag of our natioa. From this view of the case, vro caanot but think that England, if not ligbt, isyet neerer righc tlian we are; and before we go to war we sball do well (o nquire what is the pre cise object for which ve intend tofigbe.