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i i. I11UIJ til UiiiUj iiaiu:ii -uluu juuliii; cent a petition to thc Señalé, proposing uew plan for the Exchequer, based oo a Irass and iron coinngo ót $200,000,000, instead of ihe precioua meláis 1 When jnany thousands present to the Senate the clarms of the poor, their peiiüons are uncereíaoniously kicked under the table as a matter of cowse! When an insano ideot comes with his grave fooleriee, he Í3 sober, ly referred to the Cornniittee on Fanance! The members ofthe House havo reform cd themselvea dovyn to $25 per term for Btationary fo4 tho long tession, and 20 for the short 6ession.A petition was prcsented irom iho owners of tlio slaves, now frecmen, on boarc the Creóle, praying remuneration for thei Jü9.j! They wcre very careful to sene .to tke Señale. Tlicro is no Adams or Giddings there. Mr. Barnard of N. Y. prepented a pstilipti from Kings county, eetting furlh the wrongsofthe North, and asking ihat these jnay eilher be redressed, or tho Union be poaceably disaolved. He mured its reference to a select committee, with instruclionsto report agaiost a dissolution, and aleo a resolution for a repual of the 21si ílule. It lies over fordebaíe.iue corresponuem oí me 'M. ï. rnbune March 14, says: "The anivnl of despalch cb (rom Englnud at the Stato Department, produced quito a sensution in the city today, and the Cabinet has been anxiously deliberating upon them all the morning. - Among the most enlightened politicians, U is believed that our Governrnent will recede from the positio assumed in the case of the Creule, and turu thcir negotiations with increased. spirit upon tho subJeCtof {vsitalion" and the right ofsearcli. On all these poinls I am convinced that Briüsh Diplouiacy will be luo much for us. ïf we dcsire to sustaiu in civilized Euxope, a character for einccrity ín legisla'tion, our Government will nol interdict n itation of our ships on the coast of África, íhrthe purpose of ascertaining iheirnation aüty. And until we can rightfully reclaitn our iugttive slaves in Cunada, in vain may we deraand tho blacka liberuted by the authoritieB at Nassau." In the Sen'Ue, March 14. - Mr. Clay presented a petition from Pennsylvania, ■and one from Orleaos county, N. Y. complaining of the disreputable proceedings of ■Congress, its inefficiency, for public good, &c. and advising them to adjourn. Several lengthy plans of Fiscal Agente, Exchequers, &c. have been bruught forward and discus8ed,but itis probable noth ing will be decided on till the last of the eestion.H8soiuiion8 in favor ol the annexatioo of Texas, by theLegislature of Tenne6see have been presented to Cougress, and rcferred to the committee o;i Foreign Relaiione, of whieh Mr. Adums ischairman. - The Detroit Advertiser saye: "We cannot help remarking the very diöbrent receptiou, which tbia peiition in favor of Texas met with, from tliat of thoso ugaiust it. No man objected to it; no man raifed any pelty question of order j but the whule matter was disposed of aa it should be, in ihe regular course of business. Northern people wil! not fai! to mark the difference."