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31ORTGAGE SALE. MEFAÜLT having beea made in the AU& condition of a Mortgage executed by RufuH Crossman and Lucy [a wite, to thí undersigned, January íitteenth, eighteeu hundred and thirty eighÉ, and recorded ia t)ií Register's Ofiice, in the county ol'Wash tenawy id Líber nurnber Beven, page three Ijundied and one, of the cqual undivided half of the "áeio mili property," ïnckiding the v ater-power, Mille, and Machinery, and about tweuty-five acres of Land, adjoiniDg the villnge of'Scio, in said count,y, and Jying on botJi sides of the River Huron, together with ;he rights of iiowing Iand3 covered by the mili pond, (fütva more particular descriptio:i of the premisse, relerence is made to the record of iortgage, and proceedinga at lavv having been inatituted to collect the mstaJment which becanje due on the sixeenth day of November, in the year of our Lcrd, eighteen hundred and forty-one, or any part thereof. Nolice is liereby given, that said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the mortgnged premises (or some part of them) at mblic veiidue at the Court House in Ann Arbor, in said county, on the the twenty fifth d;y of April next, at noon. SAMUEL W. FOSTER, Mortgagee. Scio, January 24, 1842. 40sl3y UïitiaLi.s j Blaaïis ! ! HÏ&Hla 1 1 j"UST PRINTED, on fine paper and OB? in a superior style, a large assort ment of blank sumraons, subpeenas, Executiuns, &c- For sale at this office. Ann Arbor, Nov. 17, 1041. fjPlMOTHY SEED AND HIDES.- Cash will be paid at all times for TimüTiiy Seed, Hídes und Wheat, whon de- ivered at my store in Ann Arbor, (UpperTown.) F. DENISON. CASH FOR WHEAT. FDENISON wül pay cash for Wiienf O on delivery at his store.


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