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GODEY'S LADY'S IiOOK, FOR 1342. The most splendid and valuable Monthiy Periódica] ever published. 'Lhe only magazine devoted to Lndies and conducted by Tiembers of Uieir own sex. Composed en tirely of original anieles, by the most einj. nent writera of the age; and embellishedi with a largar number and a greater v,ariety. of costly, elegant and attraciive piclöriol L luslrations, than any similar pubheation EDITED BY Mrs. Sarah J. Hale, Morton M'Michael Mrs. L, Ei, Sigourney,L. A. Godey. CONTRIBUTORS ro EACH NUMBER. Alias. C. M. Sedgwick, N. P. Willis, Vliss E. Leeüe, Mrs. C. Leo Hancc. Mrs. E. C. Embury, T. S. Artliur, Theodore S. Fay, Mrs. E. F. Ellet-. ' In announcing to his numerous patr'óTis Hiid lh public at large, [va arrangementa tur iht; yt-ar 1842, Uw. proprictnr of Godey 's Lidy'd Buokj lakes occasion to acktiowji eugu the iiüpiiralieleL1 and triutnphant succesa of his Mag-iziue, whicli has nowreached' the nxtraorthiiary, muuber offorljj t kousand thor.lhty; büinga l;.rer edition than haa ever bueo printed of iny other work of any deacïipüon in America. This sucess he 13 yare tías been ottained by the va6t sojíeriorily wliich the Lady's Book lias niways. niuintaineil uver thc.contemporary magazineB. which havéatlempted to rival its merite, a . suporiority which he id still determined to preserve by keeping it, in all its departmentshterary, iniollectual and moral, aa well ase pictoria!, emblematic, artistic, and mechanU -al. Tiiat thia is n idie boast, hc appeala to the experience. of the past twelve years, ín all wliicii time, ffë kas made no promise to the public which he has not strictlypei furmeU, nor underiaken anylhing which his meatis did not enable him to acconiplish to tlie utmost. Entering, as he is about to do, on the 24th Yolume of the Iiady's Book, with increased exieigy and accumulated resources :wiih an ampie knuwJedge of the business in which he Í8 engaged, acquired by long years of unremilted appheation: with a subscription list unparalleled in the annaJs of literature; with numerous faciütiea not possessed by auy other publisher; with wcllciigesied and wide-extended argumente; and ■ ubove all, with a eteadfast purpose of maia-taïning tbs Icíiy tlcvation hia work ñarciicbed, the proprietor !as not hesitateel ta mcnr exjiiJses, wlnet) under other circuía slanct's might prove startling, but by meana of which he will be enabled to make tho L dy's Book, the riehest, the rarest, the taosí. attractive, and ihc tnost valuable periodical inirinsicul and extrinsically, ever offered Iq '. :fi? ..AmericöH piïWic. Splendidly colored platos of the fashions, . will alsü begvvea ee7 monlii, contaming at least four íemale figures, and embodying111 every instanco the lutest costames, receiv. ed direclly írom a correspondent at Paris. Address &. A. GODEY, 101 Chesnut street, Philadelphia.