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Society As It Is In Virginia: Mr. Wise's District In Virgini...

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The Ilon. Ilonry A. Wiso, thu leader in tho House of Representativos of theJ finTyler-AdminislnUion party, in a speech somc weeks siuce against printiiig an extra number of one of the census documenis, declared that he wanted no public documents to send into his district. He wou ld not thank gontlemon to send them, f thoy wouid take the Irouble to frank them tbr him. They were not required thero. In amther speech on printing, March 8, he siid he gloried in the fact that ia hts district there wg not a newepsper publiáhed, ofany party or kind; the peoplo dul not war. such a thing, ind they would not have it if they could. t Alihouh the ancient capital of Virginia was in his district, and the sent of a renowned University which bas produced more great men than nny other college in tliis country, no man had been able to establish a newspaper there . He gloried in it, that they had none of these engines of village atrife, to set neighbors at variance, and fill neighborhoods with confusión. Let us luok a linio at the s'atisiics of this district, and seo what are tlie developments oí a Congressional District in Oíd Virginia, comprising seve.n counties," a university, and the site of the oldest scttlcment and ancient capital of ihe State. 1. The numher of votos given at the Presidential elcction in 1840, when partiea hroughl out al) their strongth, was 2916. Mr. Wise was elected in 1839 by receiving 868 votes. IIow miny bc; received in 1841, I have not now the means of stat ing. 2. The total populalion of the district in 1830 was 57,490. In 1810, it was 52,953, being a dimmution af 4,507, or 8 per cent in 10 years. 3. The popujation is made up of 25,127 while persons,5,5Gü Iree persons of color, 22,250 slavcs- a ratio of 47,5 percent xvhites, 10,5 per cent colored, and 42 per centslaves. 4. There are in the district 11,007 white persona over 20 years of age, of whom 3,445 or 28,7 per cent are returned as unable lo read or wrile. 5. Take one half of ïhosë who are unable to read, 1722, deduct 15 per cent for paupers and minors between 20 and 21, and you havo 1459 white m;n upwardsof 21 years old, liii.ible to read, which is more than half the voters in the district. 6. There are in the district 27 post office?, yiel.ling $2,823 per unnum. or $10 i apicce. Of thiy, the surn of $d23 is receivcd at Wjlümnsburgh, the ?eat of the college, a very 9mnll town itself, furnishing but ninoiy voiers. Deducting this, the?e remains'for the district proper but 1900, which averages 72 each. The wholo postnge averages 33 cents lo cacti o( i ■: 8552 white persons who can read. - i) ..-duciip.g tlje $990 fot the college, and :he rest pay 22 conts npiece lo sustain the post office. 7. The 25,000 white peoplo would make 5,000 families, at the usual average of five to a family. Theee families pay, on an average, 5G cents a year in postage, or equal to the postage of one one weekly newspaper lo a fumily, and one letter u year to every three families. Deducting the collage postage. nnd the average would be 38 cents ton family, equal to three leters to a family, or one letter to a family and one newspaper lo two families. It is to be borne in mind, that this is the full mousurc rf ihe intclligence recoivcd in thodistrict from abroad, inasmuch as there are no county papera lo he circulated by post riders, such aa are found in ilie enlightened paris of tho country. 8. To judge of the prospect of future improvement, we look at the table of school?, and fiad that n a population of 52,923, thcrc are 70 schools, educating 1853 scholars, of whom 387, aro taught at tho public charge. The schol ara are 3,5 per cent of the whole pnpulation, or 7 per cent of the white population. The proportion of scholars to the whole population in the whole State of New York is very nearly 21 por cent. It is to he borne in mind that this is not u dark and sccluded región, but the oldest setlled CDunti'y in the United States, in the henrt of tho Union, on the seaboard, aud has ilwnys boastcd of being tho seat of the most refiued and enüghtencd arislocracy in the Union, the home of the President of the Uniled States, of the Secrelary of the Nav}% of the crack orntor of Conüress, of Professor D.;w and Professor Tucker - ihe "eye" of the whole republic,