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All along our cutirse, even!, which . we could neilher forcsee rfor control, ; bave aided us with miraculous power. Ie is curious now lo imagine what might have been ihe present state of thiogs, f] Gurrison had never been imprisohéd it j Baltimore forpuulishingan anide tgainst a slavelrading yankee, and if ilie kind hearl oCAnhur Tappan had nut been stirred therehy lo pay hia fino oí a thousand dollars. In our small beginniugi, ihe Facultv of Liine Seminary, did us most important service. For the sake of securitig southern patronage, ihey made a stnmg effjrt to suppress thé uttèrance of free thoyghl; and ihus they sent forth the fiower of the instilution to becorne anti-slavery lecturers, at a time when they were most needed. In the worde of George Thompson, "these young mn were firebrands, which Dr. Beecher, finding too hot fur hts hands to manage, threw from him, and scattered all over the land." The outwge on the United States mail, the murder of Lovejoy, the Buston and New York mpbs, the bui nitig of Pennsylvania Hall, and innumerable other ridents of the samo character, all conspired to do our work, in a mitnner perceptible enouyh to us, though nt tt the world. Slaveholders and their abellcrs have been our must powerful agents from the Leginning; and ihey will be so unto the end. They cannol help il, let them resolve as much discretion as they may; their free-will 3 evermore girt round by the iron ring of necessity, forged by the circumstances of their own falso position. Wou ld it have been safe for their system to have Congress receive pelitions for its abolition,and allow free discussion ihcrecn? Most manifestly not. - So ihey made war upon the right of petir Urn, and thus compeiled the North, grievously against her will, lo calcúlale the vakie oí the Union. And how strange il is that a man should have been trained, as it were, fur thiriyyears, on purpose to do our work in Congress. John Quincy Adams has long been behind the scènes, in the great game of 'politics. He knows all the dirty beiltopes, phosphoric lightning, and tin kettle thunder. He koows too much not to be '' atraid, and far loo much not to be feared. He has been President of the U. States, and, likehis father, thrown out of office by the slaveholding power. If th9 has not ttnbillered hts feeiings, il has al least made him keenly observing of southern trickery andusurpation. Thus hae ihe South, inno j smail degrèe, prepared him fur the ous task, which he performs lilee a brave j old giant. liOng may his mortal frame be kept strong enough 10 do the work of mind and heart! Bat oí all events having an important j bearing on our cause, there i none so ! remarkable as that ot' the case öi' the j Amistad. That. those Africans should have been cast upon our shores, of all the shores of this wide earlh; that they fhould ( have entered a nortliern, malead of a southern port; that public opinión should , have been wrought up, by precetdinir , events, to just the right pitch to njake the i proper mural impxovement of these i denté; th:t tho slaveholding influence in j ihe Supreme Cóurt should have been ■ mini-hed by the sudden deaih of a Judge, ! truly ihese fhings aro wonderfui. iot less wonderful is the fací, the i Amistad case should have prepared ihe j way for the Creóle. A few years ngo, Müdiéön iVashington would have beei.( dismissed by the American press, as a "base wretch," a "cut throat," &c. Now the presa of the free states, with few cepiion?, utters no condemnation, while very many pour forth their expressions of sympathy, nut unminglcd wilh i liuu. The ppontaneous gushings of the popular iieart in favor of the Amislad captivös doubtlefs perfurmed a large fchare of this worje. Mr. Nurris, stho celebrated locomntive engiue maker, has received from the Emperor of Russia a splendid ring, valued at .fiüOOO, as a compliment to his skill and i tngenuity. - Phil. Enq. The Spanish brig of war Cubano captured a Portugese slaver offSf. Jago, a short time since,conlaining 320 slaves. This is the first slaver ever captured by nSpanish mar. of war, and speaks vvell for their determination ïonbolièh the traflic.