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Decision Of The Supreme Court

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- Thisimportant decisión begins to reccive the con sideration it deserves. Two sensible comtnunications on the subject will be found on the first page. It practically makcs the liberty of every citizcn of the North, hiack or while, dependent on the decisión of a U.S. Jadge. Suppose Gov. Barry ehould be claim ed by J. C. Calhoun as his slave. Mr. Calhoun could lavvfully Cake his Excellency by the throat, without any warrant or judicial process whatever, and haul him before a U. S. Judg-e, and his liberty for life might be determined by eaid Judge in five minutes, and he -find himsdf a elave for life, without R jury trial, or the least rationa! hope of obtaining his liberty, uniese by that vulgar pro cees - running away. To such acondition is every northern citizen reduced. Nor let any one think his colour will protect him. - Every one.knows there are many thoueand white slaves at the south, and the wbitening process is constantly r rogVessing. One poiat in this decisión we did not raention last week. C. T. Torrey writest " i'he law of Slavery ís extended ovor the Uniun-'onZy sof ar as it relates to fügitive slaves. Slaves coming inlo a free Slute with the consent of their masters, ire not nffected by the decisión. So the, 2ourt expressly stated. They were not 'fugitivos from service or labor," in the iroper meamng ofihe terms. Consequenty, they are a9 safe as before the dicision.'