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Selections: Incongruities Of Slavery

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Our readers need not be startled, we nre nol about lo cid. ver a lectuie on abuliiton - tj urge ihe dissalniioii of the Union - or to cast lortli a bbz'tng sliivi.ig - we are not 80 auibiiiuus ns lo puppose we cmiid wield a firebrand aniong the gunjiuWder in&tiluiipna of the Souih. We only wish to cill attention to the fact, that the existunce oi' slaveiy in ilus republic - the différent liiws of' tlië United Staie3. and ia the di-ilcient Stau-s, in regard t. the blscks; and the various views ot pohcy conipels the general government ui takuoi ih:;ui have had atèndencj ratherto conMiáe mcu's ideas, and give an in'erediing varíe ly tü the mèaning ot langunge. The blucks are ratlier a lYote.m cLiss ot bemgs it must bc coni;s&ed; and change nature and eharacter vi;h ;■,! most evciy di-giee ol lntitude. In old Enginnd. a culoied gemleman ridts and dines witli tiie r.oliiiiy, walk.8 arm in arm witii peeresses. and takos wine with dnkes. In New Englanda woiiliy olil binck man wiis vei y ncai y chosca n niember of the Sune Lrgislature. South of ihe Potomac, elnvcs ride inside ol stage coaches wiih their masters and misiresses: - norh oi ihe l'otomac (ht'y must travel on fooi. in thi'ir own hrd vehicle or in the ilJim Crow" car. In Huyti, ihe dark gkinncd man is uppermutí! - ;n Ceorgia lic ia undermosl. Inone state lie ho!ds propeny and vvüls it to his hcirs. Jn auoiher sta;e he ia property. and by ihe testament is bequcaihed to tiie nearest lundied oí' the mart wiio bouglit or raised hún. In Moflödchusetis. he can tesrily and nuiy bc hung. In South Caruüna. lie may bc hung! but cannot tesufy. - Onone side of a line he is a siave, and ni'ist not learn to read. On the ther eiJe of the satr.e Lne he is freo nnd flourisliesa vote i'or Governor. ín one iuw he is a Chittel - ia another law, le is une of ihe peoplc. nnd counts in making p district to send a reprnsentative to Congiess. - Ny, in Seerei.iry VVebsier's late lertertoour Anibass'idor Everett. the black man appears in a different clinicier in al most every line. Now he ia freighi - art set oyti in the "li!l of hiding;" thon ibis e'tght isguilsy of m t'rynnú mijrdor; next he s r:ts a freemaji in oue i the Biitisli Islnnds - andafieiwjrda Á restiíwjioh to his owner is demandud becMUse he is preju. t :, on le. The Moor oí Vcüice mariietl tijg g'ntle ii leádóinuiía. it lm liad lived m i. ya. u iur oíd Bay Srate. lio couM noi liuve duite ni} luch thing. tlie poor r i 1 would bnve escapa! tul 'catión. KrW q bl:e!; man ís, depcnds upoi nhcre he is. He h;is np nniUre. of.hia qiwnflhá' lependa npon his foca rio n. 'ftlüicuver ihe contra(ctiüDstTint apiertnn to him.prodnctí eorfcjpóndng contiadicúons in the whufi mnri. iot i, ave ;i blivc in tliis cinuiiüiiweil"li. ;iml yt. bey say, we müsv 'iuiit to proteci shiveiy soii:i o: VIcsüo Á Dixon'a linn. We must not niovt' u inger to Inusen tho chnir.s óf the cipiive on oui vn sdíI, but wo must cátch w'.ih our ctuiseif. md consitin to the hnnginan uil rovers on th 'íiih seas, whose curms are colored peoplc ívith lwo feèt, two linnds. nnd five scnses. í'he Amistad Ncgioesure sent hume. "TÏre miuiir cuoí tlití Creóle are dctnandcd by íhe Sccienry o Sei iously. very scrioufly - do not tlie ineorgru iiies, the strnnge anoiiiafiïSj ín tibe condiiion o ■ he cptóred mee. cleat'y show ihere ís len-Lli wrong somewli'TC? Is not the fosition óf tliit country, in relution to p black man, one thn rhrty wcü lhusp onxiety? Pliflíñfísroriy rinrt pati lawand linmaiiiiy - our iiu:y ;o tiic Noilh md oui conirar-t wiih the South: all r.e appeálTflg u us. with dillerent voices. The coniusion o! toiifUt-t' is ten blo; tho confusión ol' iileas'is worec. Ii s a time, and thisis n topic-, for ihought and notfbi


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