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Liberty Vote In Connecticut

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- The nuniberof Liberty votes given in Connecticut for re;rcseniatives, it is said, was greater thnn that for State officers - being over 1500. The vote last year was about 400. ICriMii. Giddings is clected by a majority of 3.343. The whole numler o f votes polled is nol so iarge ns in 1840 - but his mjonty is lirger in proportion, than it was then. The fceling that is prevalent among his constituents may be iníerrcd froin the following resolución, vvhich was adopted by acclamation at a meeting of the citizens of Ashtabula county. The Hon. B. F. Wade offered the following resol u! on: Resolved; Tint the Hon. J. R. Giddings. on hia return to Congrcss, be and he is hereby insi ructed at the first moment that it sliall bc in ordi'r. ti) introduce tlic identical resoluiions orer again which he before ofi'eicd, and insist thnt the House of Representatives act upon thein by a direct vote.


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