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TEMPERANCE HOTEL, BY HOBERT& TERHVxüE. (corner of MicrnrrAN and Washington avenues DETROIT.) THE above House is pleasantly situated nca the Central Railroad Depot, and is now un dergoing thöröugh repairs. The rooms ave pleas ahí, tiro B' ds and Bedding all new, and ihe Tnblo will besupplied with thechoicest ol iho mnrkett nnd the propiietors assure lliose who will favor thein witfi tboir cusioni, tlial a'l jiains shall be taken to muke their stay with thcin ngrceable. Fake. venj low. and accotmnodation good. - Carringes to convey passengers to and frojn the Hotel free of expense. Detroit, Apr:1?1? IS-Í2. ANN AHBOil BOOK STORE! TO be sold on commission, ; t Detroit priees. in addiiion to the Classic: 1 and school Books. ndvertised by others in this villige. copies ofclnss icaland school books which ennnot be found elsewhere in the village, toírether with a ebod nssoitment of interesting books, and Stationery. &e. Any book wantod which I have not on hand, if to be found in 'he city of Detroit, will, on short notico, be procured without oharges'. GHAS. MOSELEY. Ann Arbor, April, 27. 1842. TURKIP SEKD. WANTED twenty-five pounds Énglish Flat Ttirnip Seed, for whicli Cash will bo pmd. if delivered soon. AIso, hfty pounds Lonr BIwk' Beet Sced, twenty-fivo pounds largc red Beed Seed ii exebange for Fruit and Ornamental Trece fcc, delivered by ihe first of Septomber next. S. B. NOB"LE. Ann Arbor. April ]9, 1842. WOOD! WOODÜ WOODÜ! WANTED ÍMMEDIATELY, a fevf cords of good dry wood in exchange for the Signa l or Liberty." Ann Arbor, Apr. 22, 1842. FOR SALE OR RENT"- The Pinckncy Temperance House and Store, which may be had on very favorable. ternis. if applied for soon. Apply to „. , Wm. KIRKLAND. Pinckney, May 20, 1843.THE MAGNET. THE Subfecriber proposcs to puuliph a periodi-a! ■ ■■u r.v. i . Cu, ntid Mohán M iösj-.t s i Ha . os . i! ; ; ■ ;■ ■ ■ tion for home time paè.U nnd consii ncrensingatteiuion which has ln!e!y been givon to tluin hv tlin lcnrned. both in this country and in Europe, it is belicved thnt such a penorlicnl is cüUcd lor. and ihni it wiil meet with liberal èn coutogproc'iit froni fbe lovers ot Êciencc, in dus I and oi her countries, One qbiect of this work will be to excita snr! enccurngc1 a api rit of ifiquïry, nnd t assist i": , snch irívestignííoná.as inny ferid to ècttle tliu l lowing, ainon ol.her sin.ilar qucssions. 1 . That cvery living bdtjg posseéses a Magneten] Nature, whi'ch is governed by laws peculiar to !nneiic;!l fbrcufe 2. Tb at thefc Mn-rnetic forces are the means o!' aènsatiönl and als, of volumary and involun tary ifiotioiï. ?. Thai every ?.Je-ital and Physionl orgr.n, and every muscle. has its curresponding Magnetic pof8. 4. That the Magnetic forces Trom the different terminale in the fnce and neck, and by means ot' ihcin the various exprepsions of Feor. Hope. Love, Anger, etc. are éxpresséd in the eounienanne. and the mlisrles andlimbsare fntide 'o olicy thé human will. thus lnying the only truc &- rationnl loundition tor the sciencc of Physiognomy. and showing how it is, that the p:is.ions and Icelings are expressed in the features of the face. 5. That these organs and their consecutivo goles may be c.cited,"separntely, and their action inddilied ';i8 the conduion of the patiënt may reqnirc. G. That the Phrenological organs are not only located in group?; corresponding wiih the na ture of their' not all of them exist in dr.uble pairs, and, one or more in triple or (Mindruplc pairs! For instanoe, there are two pairs of Individuality. one taking cognizance of things and the otlier of persons: - two of Eventuality, one pair taking cogniznnce of. recent and the other of ancienl events; two of Conipanson, one pair for ideas, and the oiher for things; two of Benevolence. one forgiving. and the other for pity; two of Veneration. one for the Dcity. nnd the other for man; two of Firrhaess. one rolating to conscieutiousness, and the otlier for perseverance, etc.. two of Self Estcem. one ior the Human Wn.r. and self-government, and the other ior the government of o.hers - two pairs for Fear,two for Music, two for Place; and so of the organs ofConscientiousness. Belief, Amativancss. Love of Approbation. Secretiveness, Acquisitivcness, etc. etc. AndI believe there are, at least, three pairs for lá'nguágé, one for mere words, connected by the Magnetic oles with Morvelousness, and giving a person the disposition to talk; one for proper nttrriës; and the other connected by the Magnetic poles with Ideality, and Weight, for the commui ication of ideas and inlelligence, and giving weight and expression to the sentences. I am fully sntisfied of the e.xisrtence and localion of the following organs, among others: viz: Joy, Gratitude, Patriotism, Jealousy. Modesty. Aversión, Discontentment, Sniell, Taste, Pity. Rngularity. Cheerfulne?s,VVeening. Comentment, .Method. Retrünition. Wit, ns distinguished froni Mirthfulnes?; Melody as distinguished fromHarmony. etc. etc, 7. That the Magnetic forces. from the different orgnns, have a peculiar connection with each other, by means of which they influence and excite each other to united action. 8 That the poles in the face are loented incorresponce with the different groups of Phrenological orpans 9. That the hmetions of some of the organs are in opposition to each other. As, for instance, one organ is for Joy, another fot Sadness; one for Love, another for Aversión; one for Government, another for Submission; one for Forgiveness, another for Retribution; one for Patience. another for Complnining; one for Courage, iinoiher forphysical Fear; one ftr Confidence in man. another for suspicion or Jealousy. This discovery gives the true solution of various shade? in the characters of different individuals wh:ch have never been expliined. either by Phrenolngists or in any systetn of MontRl science. heretorore ofïerd to the world And mysteries of n isi')iilir kind rirc furthej exnlninn'! by dúiér ótáwñs hitfti T hnve toun'l, in éorinoeti n with :!o èïhèvo; ni'tkinir the nunrlier upwnrds of hnivhe.-! in all. besides the polea of the nervrs of motion and sensmion, ; nd the poles of the diñerent inuscles, and physical orgnns. 10 And itis n rem.'irkahle fact. that one piirof the oreans. ithe 'ntellectual and Devo'iornl ones. espccinlly.) are more elevrtcl -md tffíneñ in theiexercises than the ofhers. Tlms. J find. tha! the lower orejana of Oomparison fake coaniznnco of' thing?. the unper ones comparé i!ens: the (ów; r organs of Causalty are exercised on things, the upper on Metnphysicni subjects. etc. The subscriber hns been engnge.d for some time. in a course of.tnognetic cerebral experimonts, the resul ts of which go very far. as he believes. towards demonstratin? these ansumptions, nnd if they sh'Vnld prove to b.3 true. all must admit that they are inunenely iü!t)')rrint. as murh so ns;iny fiiscoveries ever made illttstrating the Physical or Mental "Tintures of man. The mntter will be Uusltated with numerous rntrrTvings. some ofwhich are now rendy for use. the whole renderiog the work one of su-pas?in interest, and every way worthy of patronage from the curious and pcientific, who wish to understand the mysteries of hnman n;iture. Tho platos will be of special interes', inasmuch ns they wül not onlyexplain many magnetic phnonena hithertoo nnknown, or not undrrstood hut one or more, will be given designating fJioscfcaturcs in the hnman fm'c. w'icre the matzneüc courses termínate f rom the différent physical and mcntol organs. a thing never before known; ard thus will he .een. the only true cxplanation of Phys':ognnnnj ever yiVen to the world. In n word. the work shn'l be filled with new and valuaWe m'jrttr, on every question relat ing to the Pnjsict!, Mental, ani Magnetic N'Uwrcs óf Malt; nrplalnivg the phenotnena of Slccpwakiwr. Snmnnmbiism. Mov.ominia, Insunit'i. Mn&iess, Drcaming and FáñaÜasm, tho whole designed to exhibit the claims of these subjects on the attention of the candid, and to assist them in ascennining how far magnetistn has been, or may be'used, as a medicinal agent. In furnishing articles for ts pages, the subscriber expects the assistance of medical and scientific gentlemen, of the highest rcspectability in their profession. The Mngnet will be published once a month; eaeh numbercontaing twenty-foursuper-royal8vo. pages, with a printed cover. Terraè. $2,00 per yenr, invariably in advance. It will, in no case, be forwnrded till the pay for it hns b-en received. The fust numlr will he is. siied ns soon ös five hundred subscribers shall have been obtnined. Q-ITAny person procuring subscribers, will be allowed to retain the pay for the fourth, providcd the balance be forw.irded to the publisher, frec of expense. S ' Every editor who shall give this Prospectus (inclnding this paragrnph) six insertions, shall receive the Magnet, -without an exchanire, for one vear, provided the papers containing this notice be orwarded. rn'n'rkêd, to ':The Magnet. 138 Fulton sireet, New York City." LA 'ROY SUNDERLAND. TIMOTHY SEED AND HIDEtí - Cash will be p:iid at all tiincs for Timothy Skkh. 1 idks ond Wheat, when delivered al my store in Ann Arbor. (Upper Town.) F. DENISON. DR. J. B. BARNES, PHYSTCIAN AND SÜRGEON.- House and .Office, i few oorssouth of the Lafayettc House, where he can )c found night and day. Ann Arbor April 20th, 1842. A


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