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Poetry: Ode On The Abolition Of Slavery

Poetry: Ode On The Abolition Of Slavery image
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The (ollowing lincson the West India Ernán cipntion nre f rom íhe pen of Lord M'upeth, who latrly visiied th-s country. ODE ON THE ABOIIT1ON OF SLAVVERY. Proudly on Cressy's tented wold Th'eLion flag of Englnnd fiew; Asprotidly gleamcd its crimson fold O'er the dun highis of Waterloo; 3ut other lyres shall greet tne brave, Sing now. that wc have freed the slave. The ocean plnin. where Nelson bied, Fair C .mmeroe pliés with penceTul onr, Dutcous o'er Britain's clime to shod The gaihered spoil of eve y shore; Todny across the Atlantic sen, Shout, shout ye. that the slave is free. And Eloquence, in rushingstreams. Hasflowed ó'cr halls and courts along, 'Or kindled mid yet lo.ticr dreams The glowing burst of glorious Song; 'Let both their nobleát -burthen pour, To teil that Slavery is no more.Briglit Science, tlirough each field of space, Has uiged her mist-dispelling car, :Coy-Nature's hidden reign to trace, To weigh ench wind. and counteach star: Yct stay. thou proudPliilosopliy, Tirst sloop to bid Maikind be Free. And Fieedom has been longourown, Wiih all hor solt and gcnërous train. 'To gild the lustre of the throne, And guard the labors of the plaiiv; Yè heirs of ancient Runneyir. de! Yovr .Sluves- O could n be?- are freed. Ah! for the t;i)e the slave couUl speak, A ■! for ihe shaiüe of Biitain's sway. On Afi ic's sfinds the inaddeiiod 6hrick, Wca;!) Indifin suns tlie Imining tlay; Ye sounds of gujlt - yo síghts of gore - Away! for Sliveiy is no more 'MM the rfear imiuirs -.if; Puree and S'.i'ifc, The Minrsitets èf Pén'ce slnill s:rnd, And puur ihc swelling words of Life Aföund a jinrc-ed önd ihirsty land; While spread beneaih the tainarind tree. Jlise. happy homes and altar 6 free." Ye (fles ihnt conrt (hè nopic rays, Clusteied on (:ccan.'ssapphÍTC breast. Ye fenthery bowers. ye fairy boys. In nujie ihnn fifble noy "the Diest:' Walt on each gale vour chojal struin. TtU ccery land has rent the chain. Ö! F'ngland! empires' homeand head, First in ench artof p-ace and power, Mighiy thebillowscrest tread. Mighty to rule the 'nattle hour - I3ut miyhtrer tri retiieve and save, Rejoinc that thou hnst treed Uie Slave!