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Corn Stalk Molasses

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In Randolph ; Connty I saw the operatjon of manufacturing tnolasses from corn stalk.- The mili for grinding nnd pressing the stalks. was so simple in its construclion, tímt almos any farmer can make one. It consiits Of tliret upright, smooth cyündere, about ttfofeet long and oue foot in diameter.heorly or quite touching each other. From the middle one ascends an uprighl shoft, to the top of which a sweep is ttnchel and ni'oved by a horSe, similor to a eider mili. The two out6ide cylinders are turncd by coga in the muidle one. p Six gallons of liquor yield one gallon of syrup. Every farmer mny now make hia own molasRes. Sinco writing the above I have had the hnppiness to witness another experiment in the ranniifü'clure of molnsses from corn 6ialks. The oxperiment was entirely successful, prodiicing good uiolasses: as clear and us pleasant to the tiiste, f not more so than the soulhern. As in the other experiment, six gallons of liquor yieldod one gallon of eyrup. The syrup nt present is in a state of granulation. It has been standing about o week; the grain is alreody formed 'n considerable quantities, 60 Ihat no doubt remains of the formation of eu-.


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