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How Do The Southerners Live?

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Let us see. At tle North, labor is honorable. All our popnlation ore producer!?, eicept the portion necessary for the feirned and mercantile professions and ervants, who comprise, sny onethird of the whole population. Loaving i. tlie North two thirds oí' the population for prodtiction. At the soiith, labor is dishonorablft,ond is kft to the slaves. There are 4,000,000 whites to lese lijan S,000,000 slaves. The whites pcrform the duties of the learned and merca tile profespion, but the ser va nis are taken from the slaves. There cannot, therefore, be left more thnn one third of the population for píoduction. But agnin; it is well known that the southcrn slaves perform but one third the labor of northern free, paid laborers. Therefore tïie prodnctive portion of the pouthern population, as compared with that of the north, is but one third of a third, or one ninth. We come then to this result - that whüe the productive popnlation of the north is ttco thirds of the whole, the productive population of the south is comparalively but one ninth of the whole. That is, the producfion of the eouthern slnvery-cnrsed populatiou, is but one sirth as the production of the same number of north - ern freemen. I leave the subject for the considerntion of yonreelf and your readers; only asking, in view of these facts, and of the hundreds of mülions Io6t in the last few years by southern bankruptcy - Row do the Southcniers live?


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