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-Ilon. Samuel Yoiing,intendent of Common Scnools m iew ïorK, hos decitíed tliDt a school teacher who is habituaUy profane is not a person of good moral chnracter, and his certifica'e should be nnnulled accordinjrly. His Honor discourses of this villninouö habit as follows: Mosl of the crimes anrl vices wliich offlict and iir=grace society, can plead that they arp based upon some f the animnl grut ificut ons. It is to sattefy Iiis real or factitioiifi pliynical wnnts, that the thief commits larcenv. The plutton. 0 the inrfulgence of' his nppetitr, is stistained by a precedent 'running on nll fours' in the wine; and the gross debnuchee cnn claim the pont and the monkey as his brohers: bnt profunity is a spon tan envs exUibition oTiri iquity, a voluntrer sin committed without temptntion, and without reword: a basfnrd vicedestitute of parentnere - wholly di.owned by nature. Phrenologists profess to find the locaiion upon the human skull of a!I the animal propensities. No one, ho wever, has yet heen able to detoct the 'biimp of pmtanity. - Pandora"? box is f uil vvithoutit; and the amateurs in human mischief and human misery have superadded this as a mere gratuitous evil.Gp The Peoria Register contrasts the constituency of Mr. Rhett, M.C. from S. Carolina, with that of Mr. Stunri of Illinois. - The former representa 11,524 free white i nhabitants; the Jatter 26S,:60. Thus a free white man ir. théjj district of Illinois has but a liventy-lhird part of the political power of a white man in South Carolina. Comparing the two ptates fogether, a free white man in S. Carolina hns thirteen and a half times more power in making lnws to govern the Union i than a free white man in Illinois. Under the new apportionment, ihe disproportion will be somewhat teduccd. "The great battie uf Überty 19 to be fonght at the North. Bring it (o the polls - expel slavery Jrom the (hinches - show it up in ts abominations nnii borbariiies. Wlien public sentiment is rigtit there, it will soon beconieA gentleman in Tenne.=see writes Gerrit Smilh that he wishes to loan a few thotisand lollars - nol pxceediiijr ten - and lie will mortrage for security 54,000 icres of land in Tennessoo, and 96,000 more in North Carolina. - A friend of his, n Judge of the Supreme Court in onö of Ilie Slave States, owns 170,000 acres n Tennepsee, and tntich in an atljoining State. He also wants a smal! sum of monoy for which tie wil! plcdge this property. Tliese fncts mny serve to show the vnlue of property wliere the Janda are ciirsed with slave labor.


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