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'Tía íun theysuy to get well wuh them, A ],L mankind ihrougliout their vvide and in ' (. rnense circulalioa tfiat ever try them con Ihue to buy ihem. Peters' Pilis are purely vcl table; tlicy work no mirados, nor do they pro use to cure all diseasts, because they are tln cieiuific compound o( a regular" physcinn, vlu ias made lus profeesioii the study oí lus lile. Dr. 'eters is a gradúate of Yale College, also of the Uags:u-huset:a Medical College, and has sonie vliatdistinguished hirnselfns a man of ecienct md genius 'among the family of the late Gjv 'eters; Peters' Vegetable Pulsare simple m then )re()arution, mild in their action, üiorouh m hoir opeiation, andunnvalled in thetr results.- The town and country nre aüke filled with theu jraise. The p.Uace and the poor house alike jcho with their virtues. In all climates they wili retain their woriderlul powers and ex cm :hem unahered by age or situation. and tin ihe voiceofa gratelül comnnmity prociainied.- Peters' Pilis prevent- keep off disenseá il timely used, end have no rival in cuiïug billious lever. lever and iigue,dyspepsia, liver stek hendadle.' juuntiice, isthmn.dropsy. rheunia iisni, cnlargement of the spioen, piles, colic, fetnale o!i9truction. heart burn, furred tongue. nausea, (listemion of the stomnch nnd bowels, incipt nt diarrliosa, flatulencc habitual constiveness. lissof appetite. bloched. or sallow complexión, ind in all enees of torpor of the bowels, when i cathartic or apeVien is ndicated. producin; neither nausea, griping nor debility; nnd K-e re pent all who buy them continue to try t'.iem. The most triuiiiplir'n; puccess has ever atten led their use and enouph is alrcady known ï ,.em to imniortalize ; n I hand 'hen down to pofteiity with the improvements cf the age in trfed ical science. Dr. Peters was hred lii the hea - ing art, and in order to supply dennnds, he hü.originated and cilled to his aid the only stcan drivei machinery in the world for pill woikin "Tisperfeci, and its process imparta to the pil fssenital virtue, beeause by being perfêcUy wroiüht. all the puls' hidden virtue íb revealed. whcncalled itito action, and herc also it is Peterf excdsall the world and takesall the premiums niedals and diplomas. So clear the tract lor th Knjïinc- Petcis1 Pilis are coming- a million o witnesses can now be herd for ihem -resistiese -do you hear thnt! while a host enn testilv they believc they owe their salvation Iro" disease and death to Petéis' Pil;, and if calóme and k nivea are getting partially into disuse w re only mistaken. Certificates. - This paper could be filled witli ïem by residents of Michigan, by your friendt nd neijjhbors - ask ourager.ts. It is now wfi : iidwn that the people will have Peters' Pilis, id to hinder would he tostop the rushing winü Jiice 2ö or 50 cents tier box.The resistiera forre of these umhs - their uní ersnl reception ntiÖeti to the testiniony of milt 0 ns. "keep it beiore the pcuple'' must and wu" e henrd ihroughout this vule irf tears. Their happy "influence on joung ladies vlnl' ífibrini; er tiie usual cha u ges of lile as di ected by the luws ol nature, they impart a biipy ftfy of heart, feelin? and nction, an elastic step. ■Ivet check, lilly and carnation complexión !} ïeir action on jhe chyle, &c. and ladies in del ate situaiions aiways admit their power and in ocence, nnd tnke thsm two or three at a tim ithou'. in ihe slistbtest degree inemrins the haz rd of an abortion: which f iets are of the mm í nportance. Pimples: a young lady sent hf ve to Dr. Peters, and says she feels more grate u!t'hiin for ihe restoraiion of her beauty thin he had saved her life. 'Tis fun to get welvith Peters Pills.for they cause the blood to coursi sümpid and gentle through the veins as a mouniin rivulet: 3 or 4 is a common dose, henee thi ment is not compelled to tnake a medí'. TRO U BLE IN PLUTO'S CAMP. Quite astonished Oíd Pinto c;imeto New York. Hearing Peters bad got bis Pili Engine at work, .'o resign his couunission, nis hour glass an 8cythe: have come to deliver them all up to you - Sir. my calling is over - my business is through have been for three years in a terrible stew, nd I reaily don't know what on earth J'am to do:- tfot of your n-ighiy sire do I come to complain. But a tárnal New Yorker, one PET KUS by name; The discasea my nids. in this war of mankind, Are subdued by thia Peters, whnt help can we find? I would yield him N. York. eir, if there he would siny: But, sir. Peters will have the whole world for his swfiy. While musingin cogncil what course to pnrsue. Thot ï'ugine of Petertj broke forih mto view. The Ktng of terrors looked a while, As though his soul was lur ed to btle, At that unsparing scourge of í lis, By all men known as Peters' Pilis. These Pilla ol Peters' stop the slaughter. And leaves the blood as pure as water. Now Peters makes, I've heard him say, Five hundred thousand pills a day; So that the chance is very small Of pcople dying there al all: For soon the cheeks, so morked for doom, Begin liUe any rose to bloom. Look hzrc! all mhu try oonliavc to buy them For sale ns follows, liy Metsrs. Beach & Abel. G. Grenville, F. J. B. C'rarié. Maynard. & Co.. G. Ward, S. P. & J. C. Jevvett, J. H. Lund. H. Becker, Dickjnson Sc Cogswell, and S. K Jones. Arm Arbor: Geo. Warner & Co-, and J. Millerd & Son, Deter, Wm A. L Shaw, Lima: J. C. Winan8. Sylvon, Hnle, & Smith. Grass Lake; W. Jackson, Leoni: D. T. Mcrrinian, Jackson; M. . A. fchoeuiaher. Michigan Centre; Brotherson & Co., L. B. Kief & Gil hen. Manchester; D. S. Haywood. Saline; Snow vfc Kevs. Clinton; J. Scattergood & Co., Plyruoutli; Stone. B,ibcock & Co., nnr Julins. Movi11S&.C0.. Ypsilanti: Pierre Teller, Ueiroit: J. & J. Bulwell. and Dr. Underwood. Adrion; Hart fc Mosher. Springville; Ilarmen fc Cook. Brooklyn; Smith & Co., Jonceville; L. M. Boyce. Chicago - and altnost every where elsc. Oct. I9r. 12 27-!y


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