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To The Evangelical Ministers Of Michigan

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Dear Brkthrbk: - Ata meeting of the friends of the Sabbath, reccntly held in the city of Buffalo, for the purposo of organizing a Sabbath Union; securing the employment on the lakes of first rato six day steamers, supplied with Chaplains.and biblcsj tracts, &c. to be distributed, nnd to concert other means for the better observance of that holy day, the undersigned was requested to act as iheir several agent, ft being impracticable and unnecessary that he should visit you all in person, he takes this -nethod most respcctfully to make the following request of each of you. Ist. That if perfectly consistent with your own views of duty and propriety, you wou ld be pleased. if Providente permit, on the next New Ycar's Sabbatru (Jan. 2, IS4?.,) to preach to your peonle on the claims of the Sabbath, and secure the adoptions as extensively as possible, of the following Sabbath pledgc. PLEUGE. We the undersigned engagc to observe the Sabbath as a day of rest from worldly business, cares, and amusements, and to discountenance its desecration by others, by our injlicncc as well as example; and that we will patronize tliose public carriers by land or water, and ihose erigaged in othcr business, who observe the Sabbath. in prefcrence to all others. 2. That you would enquire for individuals among your hearers and friends who will take shares, or become subscribers to any aniount in the contemplated Bethel stenmers, the management of the stock and steamers to be in the hands of the following Board of Trust, whose characters we presume will be a sufficient guarantee of its good management, and of your success in both these respects, you are requested to make szusanablc to Mr. E, Bingkam, of Detroit. The following gentlemen compose the Board of Trust: Rev. J. C. Lord, D. D., of Buflalo, Deacon Stephen Whitakcr, Cleaveland, Edward Bingham, Detroit. Dr. Justin Rice, Moekinaw, Rcv. Professor Dewey Rochesler.Rev. John McLane, D. D.; Princeton, Rev. Ralph Emerson, D. D., Andover, G. N. Tracy. Esq. New York, and E Goodrich. Esq. Hartford. Noté. - S.ibscribers to this enterprise are to recclve a dividend of eight per cent. per annum. Pohcies of Insurance of the steamers to be put in the hands of the Board as secu rit}' to stockholders, or subscribers. A Chaplain of cvangelcol picty to be appointed to each stcamer, ns onc of the officer.-i, whose duty it will be to preacli the gospel and distribute Biblcs and Tracts. D. M. S.MITII, Agent. P. S. - I wjuld a!so request the Presiding Eldera of t lic respective Methodist Circuits, the Stated Clerks of the respective Presbyteries and Associations to act as agents to promotc the foregoing object by correspondunce and otherwise, as they may think best.


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