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EPThe following petition is circuluting in New York. To the Congr css of the. United SOiUs:- The undersigned, inhabitnnts of Coun, ty,New-York, prayyoutb rej;eal the present law respecting ihe re-capturc of fugitive slaveS; as unwise, unconstitutional, and dircctly leading to bloodshed, and to enact a law to secure to cvery human being claimed as a fugiiive slave, the right oí triai. bt jürv, lo ascertoin the legal title of the olaimnnt to hold the supposed elave - We pray you to cnact ihat in such trial, all persons shall be presumed free until it is proved otherwise. The coat of Railroad transportation, for the last year, stands at $42,563. The whole length of mail roaïl in the United States is 149.732 miles, costing $3, 007,793. Of this Icngth of mail rood, only 3,091 miles is Railroad transportation. at a coat of $432,568. Only one forty-eigh'.h part of ihe whole ntimbor of miles cosiing oneecvenih part'of ihe gro83su:n. - Plaluddpkiu In jut. er. The Cincinnati Gazette statca that beef was selling in that nsarket last week (by the quareer) at one cent per pound. In New York, the Canal Tolls have fallen ofi' this year, as compared with last, $384. C9I. North Carolina. - A seventh ballot has been had for the choice of the United Staten Senator, vithout success. The vote stood as fullows: - Graham, W. C8. Brown, V. B. 5G. Saunders, Cnl. 37.JYcw York AíarJctt, JDecrmbcr 21. - Ashes - Since our last about 75 barrels pots have bren taken, part at í?5 57 oud the remainí'er Gt a fraclion over that rafe. Pearls have further advanccd, and 30 barrels were disposrd of at f G.75. Flopr - But liltle doing, and rates are nearly nominal. We quote Canal at $4 S7J and $5. - CW. Jldv. It 13 S.'ated ihat 110 negroes were sola by llie sheriff, at B:ickngham, Virginia, a few days einc-; bringing the e.ttraorditiary average price of$3K)eaeh-nges roríjing from eix months lo sixty yeare. Hard Timi.- Messr?. Tell oíd sorae oíd wines yeslerday, orne pf which we.'Hns high 08 filteen dolare a gallon. Old .pcacfï brandy brought a very high price ehowing ilist t'uere are 60m small coiners in the upper circícs wherc total tl6iinence has not yet penetrnted. - YJournal -of Cfimmrc. The Bavkhtg Capital of Ao Yuilt - "ín 1836," saye the York Exnrcss, ':íiie Banking Capital ofihe city was wonh about ' twenty four milüons of dolíais. Itisnowwonh, according to the 6e!Iing piice, butaliule over fifteen millions. One diird has bceh sunk in bad debts. In addition tu thia, many of the bauks have made but partiol dividenda, some none al!. Tiic banks in this city have probably been as $ucceE6Í"ul in their operatione asany banks South pi West o! here, to say the least. If this be correct, the whole banjung capital lias diminiahed one-third. a Io68 most asiounding. On looking over the Ü3i) it will be 6een ibat some of t!ie bes: banks have faüen very low. For instance. the jInijhaitr:i)_. Mechanics,' State, America and Phenix. On the whole list. ihero we but tliree,viz: New Yoik, Tradesmen'e and Fulion that s;and6 abovo par. - This is uuly a gluomy picture. Mnny. veiy many aged persons and oiru-rs with slendcr reeans have been very seveie sudlrt-js." In all ouroxchange papers we find that the would-be caüed gane ppople are kil ing ihpmselveu everywhere. We are not so big fdols here. The're has been no suicide in the Vermont Afylum smee it was first opened. - Ineane Journal of Brultlcburo. A large meeting; was lateJy held in Lawrence county, Ohio, to pelitii-n Congress to adopt W. Cost Johnson's í L00,000,000 National etock, based upon the public lands plan.. NEWHAMPSniRE. A religious newspaper al CJpncord publisbcs the following remaikable statement respecting the late legislatuie of the State. It is a cjrcumatance which prubably has no parallel in the Lcgislalure of any St3te in the Union of an cqual nuniber of members. "Of the 275 Councülors, Senators and Rcpie8entatives. convened in tlie Capítol, obout ove hinulrtd are c:?nnccted ith iotne evangeliën! chu'rch, It is also gintilying to knw. ihat ihoy did not leavc lieir it-ligion bèhfnd tnem v.-hcn they lelt iheir For eónjc bveningB in succession, ofter dischnrging ilui;1 du lies os legislators, tliey have nsscinblcd nt different piaces for conference and prnyer, whieh m-ro at'.endecl by ixaily Ihfl wliole nninbef of proiessois. nnti marked iy hi!t s)irtu:lity and imerest. Whe our legislators and Btateerrïën tnrfüibë tlitspiíit íiiid are cintrolled by tho i)rinc])les of Christinnity, the Sti.te cannot but be safe, to whatever hands its interes'.s niay be committed. Avicrï:an Clochs: Sam S!i:k in Eng land. - Mr. b'pciry, wiio keeps a élock nnd lookinijgiass warehouse in Fukon street, eaíled on the instant for England, on an ndventuie cntirely new. He has taken with hun OOü Yankee wooden cíoeks, wiih whicli to astonisH :lie nativos; and if well intioduccd will doubtlessly pay h;m n hai-.nsoir.e profit. The duty on this nicle is only 25 per cent. which is .the hightst duty on any niamiinctured árdeles American, paper. (Some of these clocks have f'ound thoir way to Liverpool, but we cannot s;iy to what quaiter without advertising. We unders;and that thc are higlily linishcd- go wcll, and cost only L2.) - Calcdonia Mcrcury. JYcw Cement. - A Mr. Jefírey has discovered # new cement; said to be much chcaper and better than gluc. It is composed of shellac and India rubber disolved in Naptba. A numJber of experiments were tried wiUï it m England. In one of thcin, two pieces of teuk, an oily African wood vcry difiicult to unite by glue, were cemented with this substance, and offerwards a forcé oftwenty-one tons applied without separaling the pieces. Heavy oak plank, eight incites tbick, were glned togelher with it, and fired at repealedly by well charged and pointed cannun. The phot tore the wpöd but did not affect the cement. A 6ix inch hole wasthen bored into the plank and a shell oxploded within it. The wood wae torn to shivers, but the cement remained unharmed. If it really possesses such adhesivc power, it will prove a valuable discovery.The Vbcrlij of the Press. - The agent of the New World at Charleston. S. C, writes to us o pitcous letter,' in which he states iliat ho had beeo held to bail in the suin of one ihousand dollars on the complaint of the South Carolina Associaiion for having sold a certain number of our journal. containinga discourae by the late Rev. Win. E. Chaaning on the Ernnncipation in tho West Indics. In what age aio we living? ]s this a free countryï Do our Southern frienristhink to perpetúate their peculiar instilutions by mcnsuies like ihis? Do ihey stand in dread at a mild, elevaied. Chrisiian discourse, setting forth Incta eItnive to a fjreiga counuy. - New York New World. Later rom Yucatán. - Advices dom Campncliy to tho 23d of November have been receivod at New Orle.ins. The veibal acounls are. that nftei the aiinir at Ilumul n general engasement look place between the Mexican and Yucatán forces, ncar Cainpeachy. wiih consiüerable loss on boih 8idi8. but no decisivo rcsult. the victory being clairncd by butli. h is nllegcd. however. that the Mcsicans withdrew from the held c.f baitlo. they having made the attack. nnd thnt ihcir loss in killed and wounded was 200, while ihat of he Yucaiecos was 150. Tho forces in Cainpeachy had bren ncreased to íibout G.000; that of the Mexicans was originaily btu4.CO3. and it had been greaily diminished by deeertion. sickness and dcath. The Me.xican squadron blockadingCampeachy, consisted of two Btéarner?. tva brigs 'nnd Two schooners; nnd nn nlmost dnily cajfin'ïnatie was kept up between it and some Yucateco gun-boatp. The squadron had capturad the stcarncr Champion nnd the Schooner Ann Mniia, boih fron New Orleans, laden wiih provisions. The New Orleans papers do not eny so. hut no doubt these vessela wcre eiuieavoring to break tho blocknrfe. and where. therefore, lawfully captured. - New York Commercial Advcrtiscr. CPThe brutal prizo fighters have been found guihy of manslaughter in the 4th degree, and recommended to niercy! Indeed, it would be wrong to puntan these dirty scoundrels, after releasing the scoundrel gentleman, Col. Webb! O'I: is said that 200,000 bbla. of flourare frozen up in the canal.Artl.ur Tuppan.-'By nn announcement just, made. wc leain that tliis geniluman lias (jone into hankruptcy. The ampíc fortune of wliich he was possesacd, has been wholly sunk inindorsitnents for oiher tirms. ani in'large un'profij&ble pinchases ot lo e in Brooklyn: and then finriing it impracticable to mnke o settiement wiih his creditors, he lias been obliged to avail himselfof' llie bankrupt law. Mr. T. gives up every farthing. reserving nothing for his family or any one cine. - Ezpríá itPït seems. after all ihat neithcr Marshall nor Webb has been inrü in Delaware connty, Pa. nor in New Castlc Co., Del., as has been strited. Tlie indictmént was ignorcd by both Grnnd Juries. as neithrr could decide thet the duel was fonght wiihin its Juriudictiou - the parties ilring acloss ihe line that divided thom. - Tribune. Cil'on Crop.-- The annunl statement of the shipping list irakés the erop for lastycir. ],-ii]5, 249 Exponed to England 935,(531 bales. " " Franee 393, 1Í9 " ' Oiher places 6M53 " Home consuniption íi67,8úO " Negro Tnsurrcclion. - The New OrJcans Tropic of the 16ih, states that thvre is no Jittle excitcment in the psrish&s of Concordia, Matiisorr and Carroll. in the state cfLouisana, in of the Bhvee in that eection. It cppcars, continúes ihe Tronie, that there are now in ewanps o; liiot-e pariBlifs ahout 300 runaway negroes, all of whoin. it is :)rcsui:od. are anned. Some J5 or ÜO negroes have been arrested and examined.and l'rom the facts elicited on tho exaraïrwtion, it is belrevejj (bal ea inaurrection was conicmplater! ahojgt Chf (ptinap. TIn plot sconis to have boen xleneive, cmbracing in its operntions neyrocs from neaity every plantation in ihe threc parishes. A. Disgrace. - There are about sevcn hundied thousand Baptisis in this country. Ofihisnumber, about one sevenfh or one hundred thousa nd cm ncither read nor write. Il is a disgrace to ihe Bnpiisis ihat the members of their churches ühould be kept in 6uch ignorance. Jt is a distrrace to the Baptisis that about one hnndred thousand of their members should be held in the civil condilionofbrutes. It is a disgrnce to the Baptists thnt ihey eliould hold more elaves than any oiher reiigious denomination in this country. The tmih.Rhot'e Jslnnd is full of Banks, yet not one hns failed since 1837. Ponie of ihem are eustnined in villnpps which have hnrdly n dozen houses. - Thcy must be very chetip'y mannged. Prrsncrily of Jama en. - Tbc exports of the venr, 1840. wore 13.S21 hoeshends of sugar, 3.850 puncbeons ot rum. nnd 1.132 tierres of cotlon, over nnd nbove the shtpmcnisof'1841. Y et every servüepnpor 'riiiring the pnst yenr hns been erronnine with accounts of the :ruin." -short crops." H.'izinrss" of the nesroes nnd ;snd efiee's of the emnroipntion" and the like. Warylavd Laws. - We nre informed hy the Tredene Enmnier, puliüshed in Mnrvland, tlial by ntmet ofihe Inst ]prislnttire of thnt State, any neSfró, liaving in Iiis poseession any nbolüion print, is to bc sent to the penitentiary. for not less ih:in ten, nor more thnn iwenty yenrs. An'y peison knowing thnt any ncaro hns such pnlilicodon in bis possession,ind not givinginformnlion tlieipof. must, upon conviction, be fincd $500 and impiisoned sixty days. Albany is noted for the finestprivnie dwellings, prelticst gvrls, roughest and dirticst strceis and ihe grentest number of ewine in them, any city Nonh of New York. Wisronñn Bank. - The Green Bay Republiean ihesafe arrival at thnt place of the remains of "Wisconsin Bnuk, amounting topreciscly eighiy-tight dollars in coppers. The. Propio vs J. Watton WeM.-NÏ Webb will Ie bronirht up for eentence on Snnirdny ïnoi ninsr. at 11 o'clock: and it is renuested ihnt nll petitions to the F.xecuiive for a pardon, be left at thisolïïceon Fridaj.- Ccurier. Colonel Webb will probnb'y be senfeneed (o two years on Saturday - the lowest term allowcd by the law. Sccres of petitions have been si'gftcd ior his pardon. TIn Cahinet. - The Madisonian contains the following. Itisofcourse official: "Many rumo s beins nbroad of expected chances in the President's Cabiner. we feel it to be our duiy to state, ao we are able tn d . tliat no cbanges in (he offices of Heads of Departnients are likeiy to tnke place before or during the approaching seasion of Congress; and that whatcvor changes may nftr that time occur, (if nny)wijl le in (hc spirit ot nioyt fnendly rclaiion boiwecn the President and all ihc pruöcnt Hcadsot Departments. Wkig moraVty in Vertoont. - The Pcoplc's Advocate speaks ofthenew Vennont Senator, -Mr. Uphsm. os u vcry profane man. The oihcr Senator, Phulps, is buth profane aud intemperate. Sub-marine Tetcxope. - A larly of Brooklyn has invested a Sub-marine Telescope, by which ohjects ca be seen nt the deptf of twenty-five feet in tlie'harbor at Brooklyn. - It is designed to be used in the discovery of sunken vespcls, or such objects of value as may havo fallen into deep water. lts construction soems to be vory simple. It consists of a common lnmp, enclosed in a plass globe abotit eighteen inches in diameter. The lamp Ihus protecced from the water iö, when submerged, suppüed with air by means of tubes, which arise above the top of the water. There is nlso a large tube bef ween these two.ffor the escape of snioke and gas from the iamp to the surlace. - Phil. Ledger. The Albany Advcrtiscr says - "Ilaving examined a model of Espy's ventilator for cliirnnoys, ve are freo to say that it seem9 to us, what it claims to be, an unfailing remedy fjr that terrible annoyance, a ernoky room. This ventilator consists of a hollow cyünder, or large pipe like a stove pipe, set in the top of the chitnncy, with a hollow cone fitted horizontwily at tho top of the pipe and tuining like a vane with the winti, eo that the motith oftheconeis olways to leeward. This not only prevenís the wind from blowing dowu the chimney, but as the wind ssveeps a#hg thesides of the cone a slight vaccuum is produced just at its motith by v!(ich the draught of the chimney is increased. This ve supposed to be the principie ofthe ventilator, and we think it must always opérate successfully.(tTVic wholc debt of Detroit, fiinJed and floating amounts to $290,000. The eetimated annual expenses of the city are a $10,138. The animal interest on the fundeddebt is $15,495. SclJ Jicliance. - Look about you, my friends, vh;itever may be yotir age or experirnce, stand up and look obout you on every side, white a great multitude go hurrying by you in a cloud of dust; rix your cyo npon ihcir ackuowledged leaders; cali to mind every distinguished man you know, whotever may be !)is condition,business or history; every great ujub you ever luard, whether amon"men of business, painlers, or poets, mechanica or lawyer, soldiers or slatcsmen, scu4ptors or architects, ministers of the gospel or merchant princes, nnd you will find, however they may diagree in every thing else, that in one thin? thcy are all alike, and all of n fcmily. - You will always find them remarkable lor a generous confidence in themselves - in other


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