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The Third Party

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Mus., editor of llio ?ew York AntiSlavery Standard, a pnper of extensivo circula(ion among the nbohtionists, lias come out decitledly agaiñst politicnl organizaron. Slie has fallen bWifc Upan the higher nad inore eligible groilnd óf moral suasion and Chi istia;; iníiuence, and condemns politicnl action as subject to the sime iljcctor.s to which all otlier poliiical particsare in her oinion linlile: natnely. to the tricke.ry, marvaganient and selfishness ot lcaiiers nt:d nípirnnif. Slip is rijxlit, ind iot llie Abolition party be in the field hnifas longos the Lozofoco pariy lias leen, and it nrjst ineviiably be cerne more con upt even thnn thit party. Do yi;:i ;;sk why ï We answcr becmisfi in the present stíite of ihings. the politica! Abolition party is to be inado up mainly of the disafiectcd office seckeis ol tho Locofoco and Whig party. Wo mean. th:it ol sucli men are the Abolition Leiders to be composed mainly. We do not charge such is tho cuso with the body of the party. Wc bclieve tho rfltth ftnd lile (what ihere is ol' it) to behonestand patrio tic, hut sidly misgitided. But of the ciiici's. we caaaot spcak so well. - Lc'. Adcsriisè'r. On this we o':sorve, 1. That in acting politicafly, we do not nccessarily abandon moral suasion or Chriátian influence. 3. Mrs. Chil 1 snys all pilitical parties are Itable to the objection of the trickcry. management, and se'fishness of the leaders and nppirnnts. - Mgtt, snys the Advertiser; and in so snying of cotirse acknovvlecgea the tiijkery, management, and selfishness of the Whig Icndirj an.l whig asp'.rants. This is all cantlid and fair. We do not object to the wliigs confessing their guilt. 3. 13ut it seems we are to be more corrupt even thar Locofocoes. which is saying a great deal.- Well. why? "Pccause the Abolition party is to be m.idc up mainly of the disaffected office seekersof the Locofoco an'd Whig party" - ':of such men are the Abolitiun lenders to be composed iminly." This charge we utterly deny, and join issic upon it with the Advertiser and it allies. We cali for proof of their assertion. An office-seeker is one who mokes it his principal business to endenvor to obtain ofilces of public trust and Such birds are rare wilb the Liberty pnry. We do not know ofany. We should likc to have our Whig fiiends point lo a single lending Liberty man in ihis State, who makes the r.ttainment of ofnee his principal business. That such birds of prey are plenty enough, nwong the Whigs, is tacitly conceded fiom the nllegation that so many come over to us, who are "disiiffectcd." Of conrse, there tre largo nunibets who obtain spoils, who remain wi h Ihem. That wc sh'ill not be more corrupt thnn other arlies may be fairly presumed from the chnracterof die meinhers of the Liberty party, and (8 objects. Most of the Liberty voters at present are religioiis people. as arealso their candidatcs, and ihey have en!iste! in it chieíly from motives of piiilanthmpy and pntriotid:n. In selecting those candidatos, they will nnturally choose individuals whose views correspond with their own. Mr. Clay. the ducüi.t and slaveholder, very fairly ropresent8 that Whig party which support him; so does Mr. Van Buren the Dcmocrats: bo does Birney the Liberty mm. Whüe the masa of the Liberty party is composed of honest, virtuous men. unprincipled renegadea from otlier parties wiil find but little favour from them. Bcsidcs, the absurdity of tho thing is


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