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Extract From Mr Adams

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"Whore l'nn FOtith rannrt pct hrr nlijcc' bybrowheatmsr.die wte ri'es. Tho resturaiio of the gag rule, aftrr it had been th'Ce timp:rejected, was efleceó iri Ihis niannor. Two mpmberö from the State whose motto 'á virtup libnrtVj nnd inf'ppendencp, nnH who had vot-c! aga H8l the rul?! niovel nnd cnrrïpd remn tiderutions - to krep tli b'lancc het ween tht North and Soutli in thcir nwn liando. Thcn carao anrther, notadle devcp - the nppoin' ment of a teíect cnmmiieco, compnepd oi eouree ot five siavehoMinsr membere, mul fnnr froro tbe frep Stnte-5, tn rpport a revisnl of af! llie rules. Then a proposition to exclwle thr Yeception ■■ of all petitióna, 'ill ifter the repor. of tuis select committef [f.vrept on subjoctF ipecialiy noticed in ihe's tnosPHirP.] This commitiee nevcr rnported till the W-, dny but one hefore the close of the BPesion. and then notliin? coulfl he d'Hiebut to lav tb report on the tnble. Tlie rood nature of thr free rppresontntion. rircnmvcnted by thiV show of a compromise yirlded to Mie erchiston ofpetitions for ihat scsbíod, and never recovered the ritrbt. The yielders commended tliomcelvs h thetr concpsainn to the pooil feeVuififs of tin South, nnd she pntted ihem nn thobackn good hnnest lellmva. nlbeit aboliüonists. nnt laughed in her sleevfs to find how rnMlv j'nnkee cunninr coild he ontwitted. This com promise tvith principie to apppiise the. South is one of tbe menns of óbtoining' personal in flucnce with Southern membere."


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