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John C. Calhoun

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ilTlie Democracy" judging" from the present appearances, wil! take up thts slaveholder for thcir candidato for tho presidency. We wish they may. [ftliey shouid, the whigs, of course, will hold on to their slaveholding candida'.e. Clay and Calhoun! Men who live in tho daily violation of the plainest principies of justiee and republicanism - candidatos of tlie two great parties in the Uniíed States! íf any thing can bring the Pigantic north to its senses, it will be - seeing thcmselves at work, like Sainson, for the lords of the Philistiries. Yes, poor degraded S;imson! - liis eyes put out by his enemies! - he yet has bruto etredgth to grind in the prison of liis masters. What a fit type of the boguüed theseduceel, the betrayed - we had almost said, the doomed, the destroyed Norlh! Yet not exactly neither. - Samson retained his courage to the last. - But the peor North - where. is hers? where the spirit of her pügrim fatheis? Gone. She may more truly be compared to the lions und tigerá that occasionally snarl and show their tecth when their maater, Van Amburg, steps m nmnng them; but his whip soon humbles tlietn, and stops evcry whimper.


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