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Poetry: May Day

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Up ye Blumberers, one anti nll! Welcome in the mailing May! Ilear ye not the thrilling cali' Wil) ye waste in beu the i!oy? 'Tis a mom for cld and young, Prodigul of joy and song! Scí! the watcl) fires of thenight, One by one are vanishiñg: What a glonoiis lide of Yvj lit Issues fiom Morn's golden spring! Flooding cvery land and clime, Up the sun goes, blow, sublime! BirdK ofeverv kind and hue, Airily are glaneirig by, And wiih notes expressive, true, Fill Ihe air wilh mrlody; Wiio would lose their joyous 6train? Wlio. i-ier!, abcd remuin? Maiden with tlie ilasliiny eye, Quench its brüliance not in sleep; Lft thy blushes, mounting high, Share Aurora's colors deep; Gather flowers to braid thy hair-, For a qiieenlj etate prepare. Child absorbed in sprrtive dream, Be not slumber'8 pretty dupe; Up nnd drive the mitnic team, Fly the kite or wtui'l t!i hoop; Let the moèic of thy mirth In d merry bhuut. have birlh. Youth ir s'veetest visions lying, Building worlds with busy thouglit; Now exujting, emiling, sighinj:, O'er t!it.' labora Lhn hast wronglit, Fnirest tscenes by Fancv drawn, Cannot match so fair u morn. filanhood, lift thy slately lieao - Stand erect, Cteation's lord! Lenve the couch by dalliance spread - O'er thy emre walk abro:id; Earth nndi-ky were tnide for tlicc, Dressed 1:1 royal pageant'3'i All who ninc in secret love. All wliose iiopc-d are high or low, Ugly folks wlio would hnprove, Handíome, who would prettier grow - Rich and poor, gay, wise and witty, Leave, at earliost duwn, the city. will usn his brushes Wilh a paiuter's mntchlepa skill, Covennj; pnlest cheeks with blushes, Giving eyesnew power to kill: Oh! then slumber not, 1 pray - Go and wélcorais jocund May.