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At the requcst of a numlicr of friends nnd subscribers, wc liave inserted on tlie first pago I tlie procpcdings of a meeting for -taking thè incipient steps for eslabiïihing n Fourier Asf-ociation on rhc plan set forth in the N. Y. Tribune. We believe tlie system of Fourier is clftimed by its advocates to be a remedy for all, or neariy all the eyils under wliich society labors. They contond that at present tiie capitalist and luborer bave iiuerests preciscly the reverse of each other- it being for the interest of tlie laborer lo do as littltí work as possible for his empl ver, while he in return re - duces the wnges of the laborer as luw ns posf iblc. In this way the transactions of society. bccornea kind of grab-gnniü, in wliich the most impudent and unscrupuloüs wilj appropriate fur their own use, the earnings of the 1 timifl, the deáiiüite, aiül tlie conscieniious. To remedy these evils, the Fouricrists proi pose capitalists shall furnisb stock, and j the workingmon shall improve il, undeï the ' direction of men selected hy both parties, nnd the cloar proceeds shall be divided omong the 1 capii.nlists k. laborers according to a fixedraj tio previonsly established. In this way, it is coniended, nomancan prpinoie his own inter1 csts without at the same time promoting those ' of ihe Tlius the interest of each i individual wilj be idéntica! with the general i'ood.To conduct the business profitably, the vhole nssociation, wonien and cliil]ren, are to be located in one immense built! - nor, where the imnates can live as they do in i public house, in any style thoy please, by paying tor their accommo-lations. Each per5011 isto be oliarged with wliat hf ïrceive?, ïnd ti be credited with the proceeds of bis labor or cosh. Associations of th'is character are springing up in varióos parts of the country. Some h.n-e been in operat ion twp years. We undorstuud is in contemplation tofistablish one inlhis county. In rèferencé to the utility ofsuch combina üon, as a remedy for iheevUá of society, we need not express any decided opinión. Indeed, we have nosnrncient ata on whicli all tlie wokinps oí such a system could be predic ted . We tbink favorably of it as a means of ncreoèïng wealth. It is fonnd that large capi 'alists can transad business at a le?s expense han small ones. Tlie many minute expenses of the retailing system are saved, nnd tJse cupital inyeated is usually employed under the direction of intoiligent and skilful men. The wealihy farmer who lias a good barii, a good team, the best of plougtis, eradles, carringe?, bagí, fcc. and plenty of fonds to hire help when it is needed, and wlm buys all Iiis supplies by wholesale, can raise wheat at a less price than 1 he poor man whose team stands half famishcd all winter without a shelter, who has to boirow half bis tooi?, and use them in bad order- who buys every tliiirg on credit, at the highest reiail price, and whose business is necessarily often dernnged for want of the proper facilities for carrying it on. The saine is triie of all o', her employments. But we apprehend the inclinátion of a portion of community to prey on the rest, willnot be overeóme by a change of ciroumstnnces. It has its origin in a depraved heart. - Whiletlie inclination to evil of any kind exi&ts, ways of gratifying the solfish propensities of men will be discovered. Besides, the very contignity of a thousand persons to each other, which s higltly favorable for moral and intellectnol advancement, is also well adapled to the ltixuriant growth of the social follics and vices. On the whole, we think that a o association of this kind among perfect moral leings might piofitably take place. Were all the mombers intelligent, and governed by strict religious principies, their condition inight be preferable to what it now is; but we fear that the translation ofcold hearted,, nnolerant beings into one society, however excellent its rules, nnd hoivever beneficia"! they might be in fome respecté;, wonld loave them very nearly where il foinid them - improved perhaps, in mtelligence and wealth, but the victims of inortlinate desires, aHd cóntending and halefnl pnssions. 'J'hesystem, upon trial, may be fonnd beneficia! on the whole to those engaged in it-, but we are well satisfioJ that as a means ofreforming society, its advantages will fall short of tliose which are nnücij.ated by its sanguine friends and admirers.Qr3 The Revolulion in Hayti has been perfectly successPul. Only about sixty livcs have been lost. A Jamaica paper says that "the President ili future, is to be clected for 3 years only, bnt miy be re-elecled if his policy & governrnent are npproved of. The army is to be aboiUhed, and a strong pólice substi - tuted. The oíd Generáis, it is expected, will be pensioiied off, and evcry eirbrt made to cmploy the Foldiery in agricuTturè. All religions are to be tokrated, and capitalists encouraged. Seminaries of learning will be establiohed, and the public allowed the expression of their own opinions througli the medium of the press. - it is expected ihat Mr. Ferry, a gentleman of great tálente, a civilian, and also a very popular man, will be clecled to the Presiden - tial chair.1' Compare ibis revolution, now, in any aspect, with any one of the countless overturns that have taken pluce in the ypaiiish -AmericanStates, or with that of France in 1830, and see whether there is any ground for the asBiimption of superiority by the European race over the African. Thore is a dignity and self-control evinccd here, that has no parallel


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