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RAIIiRÖAD TEMPERANCE HOUSE. THE undersiffiieil would respecttully intorm the friends of Temperance. and ihe public generally, ihat theabove nanied House, formerly known as the Temperance Hotel, nnd siuiated on the comer of Michigan avenue and Washington street, near ihe Central Railroad Dupoi, having undergone thorough repairs and very great n additional íinprovements, is now ready for ihe recepiion of all thuse wlio inay favor hiin vvitli a c;iU. The accommodations, in every respect, are not inferior to any Temperance House in the country, and every attentinn will be given to 8ucli as bestow thcir patronage upon ihis laudable enterprise. N. B. Carriages nKvays in readinrss to convey passengers to and from Boats and C;irs. WM. CI1AMP. Detroit. May 9. 1843. 4-ly 1 {CJOIJTTOW SUJflMJWÊRY. ! A S UM ME R TE II M WILL connnence on the ñrst inondny of June next. and continue twelve weüks. TUIT I ON. For common English branches, 3.00 For the higher Englisb branches, 4,00 For Latín and Greek, 5,00 GEO. W. BANCROFT, Prcc -plor. MRS. BAXCRUPT Prccptrcss. Clinton, May 17, 1843. 4-4w RSSMOVAIi. TO secure a larger Store nnd Labora tory, the Subscribers have removed from 71, Muilen Lave, to thai rmgniñcent Warehouse, tí stories rear, and (with lol over.) 100 feet deep. No. 21, Courtland Strctt, ncar Broadiouy . t'.ie whole ol which they oceupy, and where taey have establislied their extensive Laboralory. wholesale, house and retail department for the next seven years. and where they will liopc to see a! persons dealing in Medicines wlio visit the City. COMSTOCK & CO. New York, April, 1843. TÖWOOL GEOWEÊiT WOOL CARO ING S? CLOTII DRESSING. THE Subscribers respertfully announce to the citizens of Ann Arbor and vicinity, that they are prepared to card wool and dress cloth lor custoniers. in the best style, and at the shortest notce. Having goud machinery, exjierienced workmen, and long practico in the business, they have the utmost confidence that they shall give nmple satisfaction to those who favor thern with their patronage. WOOLSN PACTOEY. Tlie subscribers llave un hand i large u:iiount of FULL CLOTH nnd FLANNELS. inanufactured by themselves, which thoy purpose to exchange for wool. TERM. One yarJ of full cloth will be given for two and ihree-fourth pounds of wool in the fleece; the cloth to be of the sanie quality the wool will mak e. - ALSO- One yard of flannel for one and a half pounds of wool. Thnnkfut for pnst favors, the subscribers would respectlully solicit a share of public patronage. J. BECKLEY &. CO. Ann Arbor. Mny 1'2. 1843. 3-tf. Sheep Shears. FOR Sale by C. J. GARLÁND. Anr Arlior. Uppor Town. M-iy 5. IJ-0.. 2 CHEESB. FOR Sale by C. J. GA RL AND. Ann Arbor, Upper Town, May 5, '43. 2 FLOÜR BARRELS for snle Cheap for Cash. by C J. GARLANÜ. Ann Albor. Upprr Town. Mnv 5. 1843. 2 "eTdeawts" CELËBRATED CHEMICAL PLÁSTEB. THE following is one trom atuung the numeroLs tésiimoninls froin persons of the highest respectability, which the proprietors liavc received. Froin D. T. McColhim. Esq. Messrs. H. IIarius fc Co: - Gentlemen: - I have fotmd by experience that Et. DEAN'S CHEMICAL PLASTER is an inval lallc rcmalyfor IihsumatisDt, hnving tried it to my satisfaction the past year. ft has nlso been used in my family for local p:ins, and in every case hasprovedan infnllible remedy. D. T. McCOLLUM. Ann Arbor, Mich.. April J, 1&4S 4w. DUFor the disenses in which this Piaster is applicable, see advertiseinent in anothev column of this pnper. E. Denn'aClw?niical Plnstcr is for sale in Ann I Arbor. (Lower Town.) by j; H. LUND. and W. S. & J. W. MAYfïARD, ? Upper CHRISTIAN EBERIJACH, Town LOST IN the village of Ann Arbor, a BROAD AX'E, with a long liiékory'hnndle. The firid er is rernictcd io leave il it üic Si"rla! OÜicc. Apnl S5. 1843. l-3w


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