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Clay Clubs: The Moon Was Shining Silver Bright

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Campaign song for Henry Clay, a Whig Party candidate in the 1844 presidential election, written by John Greiner. Clay became known as the "same old coon" and "old Kentucky" due to his multiple campaigns for the presidency in 1824, 1832, and 1844. Whigs referred to Democrats as "Loco focos" or “Lokies.” Modeled after a popular blackface minstrelsy song “Old Dan Tucker.” For an antislavery adaptation of the same song, see “Get Off the Track.”

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JTrieso As3(jciatons sectn to be multíp'y ing in the prncipal villages and eities in the country, and are distribuí ing a large number of Whig trnctf by w#y of prepara; ion for the Cominjr cnmpnign. The members -ülso are greatly favored by tlie M;isep, aml have an ncïmirnbie taste for pnetry. As mnny of our rcnders have but Jitlle opportunity for becom'wg acqiiainU'cI with these elegant sntí refined procJuctions, we subjiiti one fro:n the Marehall Slatesman, a VVliig paper. We suppose )t to be in common U6e, and is donbtless the eame mentioned iit the Oakland Gazottf, as in Püiuinc. By th'fl vvay, we learn from this paper tliat the Clay Club in Pojü-iac isdoingfa ihriving' buaiófifes Tliey wnnt n room SOCO feet square for llieir meeting's. - Tbe Gnzette, in on account óf a Taïe meeting, ays: Old Dan Tucker,' and other ppi!or eongp done after the latest style by lde reni'em of color," met with a hsHrty resptinse froin tiie mi)Hitude; in the chorus, all hands joincd and voices too, and sucli a chorus was never heard in Ponliac before." THE AÍOON WAS SIUNING SILVER BIUGHT. BY J. GRTSKMREt. TuR--lOld Dan Tucïcer."The Tnoon was shímiig silvcrbnghf, The siars with glory crown the nighr, Fligh on a lircib thot "sütne old coon," Was to Mmself this tune: Get out &fthe way, you'rc all unluckv; Clear the track for okl Kcntucfcyi Now in a predicament T!ie Lokies are for Preeidenf, The have fivo horses in the paLture, And úon'i iinow which can run the fasten 3et oui of the way, Sec. They prouJly npon.the course, An old and brnken down war-mrse; They shout and sino-, "O nimpsey dumpsey, Col. Johnson killed Tecumsehi" Get out of the way, &c. nd here is Caas, Ihouo-h not a duijce, WrU run both eitíes of the track at once; To win the will all rhings tropy, Be sometimes -pig, and sometimes pifppy, Get out of the way Sic. The fiery sontüern liorse Calhonn, Who hatrs r Fox and fears a Coon, To toe llie scratch will not be able, For Mutty keeps him in the siable. Getout of the way, kc. And hcro is Unlty, ncveridle, A tricky horse timt píips hre bridie; ín forty-four" we'll ehow im soooj The Hule Fox can't foo) the Coon. Get out of the way, Sec. The balky horse they cai! John Tyler, Weil head him sonn. or burit Ws boiler; líis cursod "Grippe" iras seized us all. Wliich Doctor Chiy wiíl cure next foH. Get out of th? rt'ay, Sec.The penple's favorilp. Cj,at, Is now the "Fushkm' of Mie dny; And let tfie irack be dry or niucky, We'll sbke pile on oíd Kentücky, Get out ofilic way, he'.s svvift nndluck CJenr the track Tor old K eiuucky! It Í3 proverbial thal the songs of a naiio are ndicutive of Uscliaracter. Tho same troe of a party. The elegant aüusions in th precedm articfe to horse-racmg-, gambling coon -"hnntinff, Sc. wiü undoubtetlly commen themsalves to the taste of th entire YViii party, not forgettioS Mr. Clay himsclf, an will excite feeluigs of exultcd patrimisin n ;h vrhole community."Mr. C. M. -Cl-iy enlog zes tho Liberty par tj as iippoalinff lo the b. I lot-box, not ti, bayonrt.' Bul what s I he ballot-hox but tli CHrtrirftre-box, the rmislwt, and vlie hayoin-r in the lasi resort? 'Emurmipnte or (J(iv s jt niennce t Ute -Invrholdor. I8 i[iis nol to re y on forco aiul arrút'i-Liberalur. Most men can see mnch (Jiifercnce between a resort to tlie box or to the bayotiet. UjTlie Countrymun, a Liberty papor publíshed at Perry, VVyoming (.'o. N. Y. comes to ús doublc ts former size, and rr.uclj improved. Wc trust :'t will receive a steady and increasin fupport. CCTho Washington Correspondent of the CincJnnati Ilernld writes: "There is n proposition under consicicration jrcie, fop ciilliiig ftn Anti-S!övery Nutioiin] Conventjon to mepf in Wnsliinfrtön; ad to apply ibr the Ha il of the Hou?e oL Jiepresen tativos tbr tiieir nccomniodation. What would you thinlc ofsuch a movement? You know Carey's motto, Attempt great Ihlngs, expect great things."