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Poetry: Myron Holley

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The following tanzas wcre written by W. H BoRLXtoH, of Connecticut, and sung at the rais ing of the HoUey Monuinèiu. MYRON HOI.UEY. Yt - fanic is hit: - but nol the fame For which the conqueror pants and strives, Whoae path is trackcd through blood and flamc, And over couniless human livea! His nariïi no armed battaüons hail With bugle shriek or thundering gun - Jf widows curse him, as they wail For laughtcred husband and for son. Am id the moral strife alone, lic battled fearlessly and long, And poured, with clear, untremblingtone, Rcbuke upon th e hosls of Wrong - To break Oppression's cruel rod, He dtred the perita of the fighr. And in the name of Fresdom's God fitruck boldly for iho True and Richt! With faith, whose eye was never dim, The triumph, yet afar, he saw, iVhn, bands smoie off from soul and lirab, And freed alike by Love and Law, The uluve - no more a elave- .hall stand Lrct - and loud, from sea to sea, Exuhant burst o'er all the land The gloriouB song of jubilee! Why should we niourn, thylabor done, That thou art called to thy reward? Rest, Freedoni's wrar-worn cliRinpion! Rest, faithful soldier of the Lokd! Fir oh, nol v.tinly hast thou tri ven, Through storm, an J gloom, and deepest night, Nut rainly hath thy life been given For God, for Freepom, and the Rir.HTT Then, uw stand a round thy grave, The solöinn pledge let all renew, Lik thee to toil our land to save From the dark vengeance which is due - So, haply, hail the Lord reatrain The gathercd wrath that waits to break, Or dash it ou the bondman's chain, And spire us for his mercy's sake!