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The Native American Party

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This party, in Pennsylvania, have elocted two members of Congress from the city of Phihtdelphia. In New York city, they elected four members of Congress, and fifteen members to the Stato Legislature; We betfieve that a portion of the Whigs are seriously contemplating a reorgamzation under these colors. An inquiry into their principies and objects is therefore appropriate and seasonable. We have jast received a pamphlet from the headquarters of the party in New York city, wsöed by the Executira Committee of the American Republican party, informing us of their designs and measures. They say: "'The first and probably most ostensible principie of the Americnn Repoblican party isy that the Naüiralization Laws should be so ajtored as to make il necessary forall persons of foreign birth to reside TWENTY ONE YEARSinthe U. States, they shall be entitled to th privilege of the elective franchise." They urge various reasons for tin- the birth, allegiance, prejudice, and1 pcv litical educatiorr of foreigners, and als the fact that a majorïty of those who enfi-' grate to the States are Cátholics. Théy contend thnt 'the Catholic system of Re ligion is inimical to poïitical liberly:" that in all states where it exists, it spires ta the contral of the civil governinent.' that igrtorance, vice and superstition are the peculiar results of the Catholic faith where it has sway: that all the emigrant to oor shores from Cathoiic countries "are obedient ta the mandate of a corrupt ná designing priesthood;" that thb Church, in the United States, "has given evidenco of a serióos inteference with our cifil polity, and of a design, ultimately, to CONTROL OÜR POLlTlCAL TNSTITUTION: and that tliey evince "the design of incorporaiing ecclesiastical tyranny w ith tjwr government of this country'


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