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Poetry: The Triumph Of Freedom

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First published in the Jan. 10, 1845 issue of William Lloyd Garrison's abolitionist newspaper The Liberator.

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God speed the year of jubilee, The wide vvorld o'er! Whtin from their galling, chains set free, 'Th' oppressed shnll vilely bend the knee, And wear. the yoke of tyrannv, Like brutes, no more; - That ybar will coaiEj nnd Freedom's reïgn Tu man bis plundered righls again Restore. God speed the day when human blood Siiali cease to flovv! ín every cüme be understood The claims of hukan brothkrhood, And eacli return fur cvil, good - Notblowfor blow: - That day will come, a!I feiuh to end, And change into'a faithf'ul friend Eacli foe. God speed the liour, the glorious hour, Wlien none on eart.h .■fihall exerciae a lordly power, JVor 'ma. tyrant's presehce cower, Bul all to Manhood's stature towcr, By equal birthi - "Th at hour will come, to each, to all, And from his house the Ihrall Go forth. (Until that year, day, hour arrive, My head and keart and haad l'll giv, - To break the rod, and rend the gy ve, - The spoiler of his .prey deprive, - So witnes8 HenvonJ And never from uiy dissen podt, Wlmte'er ibe peril or the coat Be 'di?? ven.