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The Judiciary Reform

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The bilí to improve iñe administrador] of jiistice, wliich we published al lengih severnl weeks since. passed both Houscs by a smul! mojority, but was millified by the Governor by tliat process known ns the "breeches pocket veto.'1 He rcfaiiied it lili n fier the najournment of the Log-islaturp, whicli is tantnmount to a formal veto. Had the Governor returned t vvith his roasons, it woold have brousrht up the wholo subject for discussion in uil the papers, end he wotild have arraypd himself against a proposnl fora reform which the peoplc will yec have. liad he signed it, he wculd have incurred the displensure of the whole tribe of lavvyers, who have bitterly opposed tho bill, as wel! as of the aristocracy generally. But bj1 veoing it silenthj, scarcety anv one wijl e?er know any (hing' about the maier, except thnt Gov. Barry veiood a bül eaid to be desig'ned for improving the administration of justicp. A knowlerfpe of vhat that BUI was, will thus be kept from the people, and ihe Gover'noi will be saved the uecesvitv of tuking pides on the mntter.


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