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Let Ship-owners And Sailors Read This!

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It requires lour heavy merchant ships lo circumnavigafe, t may be, lhe globe, anti encounior storm and tempest and all the perilsand hardships of the sea, topay lhe amnuil expense of supporiing a single cennon on the ocean. thongh lliey should clear each 'iiOüö a year! Seventeen hundrkü :;f.u.cha.t snirs must be thus profitably employed crery ycar tocarn the annual expenses of our navyü! LETKO I1EÁTHEN READ THIS1 During tho 1-14 the nalions dis(inguihcd by t'ic name o.r Christtan, exhended more in preparing to cut each other's throaVs, thañ has been nppropriated to the nrcaching of the gospel to the pagan world sinco Jesus Christ expired on the cross! II o w yell liave they obcyed the last i'njuncücn of the Saviour, ns binding on them as on any of his professod öigéinTes, uGb ye into the icorld and preach the gospel to every crcalure" Onterff?;t Mexican Dollars are in circula tion u 11 p:uts of the country. A strict xniniiMtiün shúuld ba had bf all Jollarn, holvos and qusrteis, by cach wrf-cin receiving euch montiy.


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