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Miscellany: Europe: Dr. Baird's Fourth Lecture

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The Rov. Dr. Baird delivered liis fourtl) Lecture a short timo since. His subject was i "Germany, including Belginm and Holland." He look occasion to speak oftiie general appearance of the sky in the high latitudes of the north of Enrope, bo'h during1 the day and night n the summer season. The vena did not present the deep blue of more southern laliiudes. The sky wns of n very light color - palo - with little if any blue observable. Tlie fdrïlier soútli yon go towards the equator, thee deeper beenmes the blue of the lieavelïs. In lat. 70, north, in the duy timo, t!ie hley presmits a milky appoannce, so light is the color. In lat. CO, in the longest days, the tsun goes down at nine, P." M. and riseá at 3, A. M. At midnight you enn see to rcad as well as tlu-'.n? the dby. The doctor said that oRen vhi!e travhng i ÑprwÜvf he liad :it midnight, while passing tlirougfi" t'i forest in the wood, taken a leuer from lus pocket and read it with perfect case. He had, while in Stockholm and Si. Petersburg!), pono home from from viaits at midnight, mul experienced most indescribable sensations of Sadness and melancholy while passing through the lone and deserted tjtrects. It uppenrod as if the cily va6 deserted, or the citizens had been cut off by somc endden calamity. It is Eometime bofore one becomee accuktorncd to walking the strectF, as light almost ae day, at midnight.Belgium is ti kdiü]! cjuntry - ït cntüins, 1,2000 square niilep, fcabout 4,000,000 I ',e. It is vcry level except n ih iomli ras; part, where it U somewha. hilly. The forost of Ardenuea terminales in this pociion of the country. It is very ferlije. It has more miles of railroad in proporiion 'o its exteiil ilian any otlier country. Tiie govcnmeni does all in ils power to pronioto liitérniil irnprovcmcuts. Jt lias severnl heautiful ciiies,or I which Brussels, Ghe:it, and An'.verp v.ere ' doscribed. The eiege üf Antwerp, by Flie i Frencli, in 1841; wos referred lp; Dr. 13. i -uid iliat, ui the time Marvin] Soult liad ' ised in tlie Freiuh Chatn'ocrs of Dppjulies t lint the keys of citidel of AnUverp, strong, and well fortified as it was, should 'ue I laid on his table in 19 doys afler the ' lion stnrled, they were delivered to the Fronch t in 23 days. Leige, in the east of Boljriiim. I is Ihe seat of Immense rul) munnfucturos. - ( Common schools ure estublished by law. - ' The Jeanits have struggled hard lo control ' thom. The religión is Roman Cat.bolic. - 1 Abouttwo thirds of Ihe people speak Ficnch í - the reniuindcr, Flemish, Gorman and Dulch. The King, Leopold, woa spoken of as a man of great learning; he e eminently skilled in I botany. ( Holland is a very level country. It I tains ahout thirteen thousand square miles, nnd three millions of inliabitiuits. It ditrérs ividely from Beltjiiini, in that go much of il is ' covered with water. The :ppearnnce of the ' country, being 6o leve!, is very monotonous- ; Tlns is, hovvever, somowlmt, relieved by the trees plantod along the hr.nks of the canals. - The cunáis nre different iVom ours. They are from 50 to 100 fect uide, with a row of trees on thoir biinks, then a paved street for carriages, then n rov of trees, omi finally Bidevvulk iur fout püsscngers. Tiiis refera particulurly to Ihe canals in cities and towns. - Sonic of the st reets ere two hundred fetjt wide. The must reuiarkable cpnal in II Ham! is the thip canal Jhe Znyder Zeo to the ocenn- the country if ihtéisected n all dircctions by them. The people cm rernarknMy neat end c'eaiily. Tiic ppopic of-Xüifs'érddm poEsosfi great wealth. The rnwriiüiint o! Holland, Holg-'min, isa limiu-d nionirchy, but tho tufleiing in Beliutu is mud restricted. The .-chools of HolKuid uní ooú: rent ninnlters of circuí ïtiqg libraiie$: the religión d Protestant. The mcí-t regia rkab'e ihings iu Ilollnnd ie the dyke?, scinie of vviiicli', llie e:ind l:i!!i on Ihe cp'asV, aie the .voik of na'iire. Wlicn the ude jjoes out it l?avcs long tracto of sand coí bafc, liio biin dries thesn. nnd ihe wind =pi"inlinLr 'il carrics tbe pand iu fchore, t;d fornis n line of liills nlcg Hu; ci.rnst. Uüo.i tliestj hilU the ui!;.ibilantö plant t-uoh 'Císscs wl g0W Uinro, to give tlicm . assi.slünce Ifl re-isi Lheencro;iciimenis of the .ea dir; lije "ieavy gale in ihe iiitiun. Al! alonr the coast, to a d;-tunee of thrce miles back from tlie sen, the iarid is iinciiltivatcd, so rnucii snnd is blown fip'op Thoro are tilso l.intis in llollnud uhico have bem leclaimod from the wiiler, ihis liaving been pütnped out by wjndrti1lröi and dykea built iiroDi! tliem UI kee) il out. Dr. Hiird ppolre atfl kinj.' (! HoHaod. ara oi'the Iroublt-s of ihc rople di:n:'.i' the yenr 1 3S0, in cpMeflÜfjuCe of i lie o'd kir.g's desire to mnrry oBl!giuj1 priljceSsjfa Kotr):in cotholic. {!( trui.) ihisferhirijjoften (bund ex prei-.-i-n from the pulpit. Ti;e kuw's phiipltin mie Sunday proached a seTjere Fnrion againt the kiiip'í? initrr'mge. Ongoingf jotnu frowi i cliurch te reipurkrd to ilie ollïcer iti tIci'dance, that lie liad liis chaplain piench nnny most excellent, sermón; böt that dny he was so tieaf that he could i:ot hcar him at all! Cermany is divided into 38 grovernments- 50me of which, Prussia, Austria, kc. are large, ulule otí:ers, mere (iuehiea, ure very email. The duchy of Delwold contains only l!,000 inhabitanti. It has a liereditary Duke nnd a Legiblature - the Seunte cpnsisting of 5 and the House of 13 members. The west of Gsrmany id level, sandy and poor. In the horlheaatërn eection it is rouyh and mountainou8. Educalion is in an advanced stotc in Germany. The common school system o ' PrtiEsia was established in lolO. In Austria there is n law which prohihils any man or woman from bein nianied unless thoy can reíd and write. The Universities in Germany are nmon the best in the world. The king of Prussia is a very lenrned and able monarch. Dr. Baird described tho students of the Germán Univorsit'nfs, thoir dreésjüiannórf1, &c. He said they wcre full of honor and constantly fighting duels. One oftheir mfmbers went to St. Petersburg!) to challenge Ivotzebuo lor vvriting in a dorogatory stylo of the. Germán universities. When he nriivoil he to!d Kolzebue hia ei'rand. The latler remonstrated with him, him that he did üot wish to figbt, nnd observed that he hnd merely written wlmt the emperor had desired him to write. Oh,' roplied the student, yon didnotwri:e whnt you wislied- 'l vü! not. tight a mere naehitíe and back ho wont from St. Petersburah to GerfniirifJ Som.? of the government6 of Germnny are absolute monarchie?, sonie limited monachies, some duchtes, fee. The diet formerly clected.the Em pcror of Germmy. Now it represents the Confedrration of Germán). It compriaes one empire, 5 mnnarchies, 4 free ciiie.-=, and L0 duohirs, nnd has 79 tnombers. It mrr ;,; Frankforton-thc-Maine; fmd its sessionsaie perpetual, oxcept a roces? a few weeks in the sumrner. It ordiinrily givos but 17 vote?, of which Prti8Pia nnd Austria havo ono ench - the 4 freo cilies oiip, rnd so on. Sometimos itgivesafui] vote. It h;.s control over tJic general pólice, over the censorship of the pref.and m caso of war determines what number Öf men ench Statv nhal furnish. Dr. Baird duscribed the cities. but we have not room f o tnake mention of them. licspoke of vaiioiis.moriurclisaiicJ miers f Gerniany, some of whoni tic rcnmrki;d wore most excellent men. One, nn Engli&hmru, ceriniu, sv.ould Dlït have b&D flatterrri ai the U"tiiv tül-.fii of bim. ÍJndcr the lieac! ofcoslumns, Dr. Bflird described ihe dress of the TyroJ, ond übservcd that t was onft of the most t-triking ia Gvmnny. . The dre-s of the men consiste of shoeá wil h urge knee ' les, black velvet vm;ll dot be.-,, vest iind coat, 'the l-wo lutter being covorcfi with boiöII button?, u, brond briinrned bat taferit:g likc u cone. The wrunen weor. the snrne hm, witli round nbont j ickcts, their lower drtsd being of black vdver or iük. 1 Ie describpd politidam, the VcrsaÜles of Pruss-ia. It Ims eoveial pulnccy, und nmoiio the number Sons Sowei, in which Frndpricl: tho (ïreat died. The voorn, with the fnrnitnrejiist us he lolt it, in ■wlnch he dicd, is ! sliovvii to Ui 6 day. Tio clock ul.-o, '.vhicli wii3 stop)f-il al the hour of his dei'th, ie uttll thero. Vollairo reèidcd some motiths at Poltfldam with Froderick, but a (jua.rel sjjfung up between thcni, und it s said that Frederick nctuallj' kicked Voltaire out of the palace. The garrison churcli attaclied tothe palnco is rciiiaikab!e, asit contains tiie ' oleuin ertcied by Frcdcrick tho Great to liis l father - nltO Frederick'ö Louib. In t!o year JSO5, the lute King of Prubsia, v.iU) the , Pimperor Alexander of Riissiu, 7hen concerting meatures ayjinst Kapoleon, visited ihat church nt mldnighlj enlerod ihc mausoleum, nnd over tl'e two coffins of FreJerick and his falber, swore to uuitc iheir eGurts and never to rcniit tbeni until Napoleon was conquered. War commenced, [Vu.-iii was ovorconic, and Napoleon occupied Uerlin. . One niht J, with iiis Buit, haviiig heard of liie vi.sit to ïhe churcli of Uni King oí Pruttiu and Alexander, vihiied tiie church ul.-o, lle was led by a soxton lo tiic inauboleum. The EXioii was ulive in 1840, nnd rclalcd the QOidofit to !. lle sait! that ulien NupoJcjüii enterctl í.,í tomb, waa pale, uv.d witli aa onx'o'is oxt;!esoion on his coimU'nance, he ns-küd which ■.. e tjie cnlün pf Ficc'ciick 'heGieai; it was tioinicd out to, and hc gazcd iülen'Jy ipV-) it for a few unmicnt at.í! tiicn reina ked, "Great man! Iftlioit weft bi! ulive I th. not be licie!"' Ktuú immediately left, the cburch.


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