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';I can only say that there is nut a man living, who wishes more sincbrely ihan 1 do to see somo plan adopted for the abolition of it, [slavcry] but there is only one proper and cffectual mode by which it can be accomplished, that is by Legislativo autliority, and this as far as my suffrage will go shall not be wanling." See Washington'slettertoRobert Morris, dated 12th April, 1786, in Sparks' edition, Vol. 9th, page 159.The folowinjr description of a Southern plnn.'cr appecred in a late mitnbcj of Uip 'Piantei's Binnnr"' end, as ils correct iicí-h ib vDiiched forby the New Orloans Tiopïc, we presume thnt it rnny bc copicd without apology into a uorthern juurual. "franscript. "Now for tliG picture of the planter. 11 wouWn't Feil a chicken, nor n dozen qf egr?, nor n bushel of ,, nor a ra ir, for any consideraron, fíe is abite ih.'ii ! He raicee cqlioñ'-hedoesi He ridesin asiz hundreddol lar carriagp,for fthich ho is in delt. flis daugh ;crs liirnmp d piano ihn' ncvcr wil! be paid !'or. He buys corn vvhicli he cmild" raisc n: ten cents a btislicl, aiïfl pay s:x"y cents for it. .n!dinL 2í 2 per cent advance to his commisson men-hant. tlecould ruisc h5 own tdacco yct hó pnys .3 a connd for "Riciimond ecpd ted." lío couki rvhe hs own Zioffs- yet lie patronizes Cmcinnati. Tiio conspqueaces j disastroii. Büin? the {bssees)r uf ono sÍGplc-, j ip fluctimtós vvitli tho inarlcct of that article. (Ie tlie "Pr;C(! C.rriM:t'- lie mys pöè-' lajrr- lio Cóbliles d.V:i thn Englt?h líW like a cormorani . If le fcII to duy hel! oose - tiiereforc heil wait for bet ter advic-s. ile .isniixed tip" in eotion, .-ní isa gnmbh-r iherrift Álcíin liirre he wants nioney; , on his ractoi! Ue w.-mts conon gfj?ép nnd clothes for his plantalion, that h? couid innke ut liomo. He uví-vythom, and íW-Jh 'í'nrge, j The ri.aniiractiirer, ihe imufer, the Éiiipièr, ido fieilupr, the drnym.Ti', the wutolioine man, tl.o seller, anti fln:il!y the comtnisslon merclian, o!) linvc Minder in thc_p'V rf on-iits, and iheproin,öosA .planter, pnys thein uil. Tie vear doses, nnrl he i?. 'iip to his evebrows" in dnbt! Thiá is thn r-:j!t oï Ijife iiot culcolatmg' nr even gn-sinf: he d fferencó boteen Jarniing tnd pluntntg. Ono supports a ftimily the other eoppori pridf iinúl pride gets a fall.


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