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Division Of The Baptists

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The Bnptisls in the eeveral States are orgnnized into single churches, each of which is independent of every other, and makoe ils 'own rules of fait!) and practico. Thcre is no appellate jurisdidion among thero, and oonsequently no courrsof ecclesiastical judicaturc, except the churches t lieniselves. But the Baplists havo Associations of churches, and the whole denomination have hilherto united in sustnining two national societies - oie for Home, and'one for Foreign Missions. The usual difiiculties respecting the employment of slaveholders for Missionaries, and usking donations of the ownera of slaves have been starled, and their discussinc has become so unpleasaht to the slaveholding Buplists, that they have determined on a Eeparation from their norihern brethren. Accordingly a convention of 300 southern Bap tists met at Augusta, Ga. May 3, and organizcd under the tille of the "Southern Baptist Convenlion for the Propaga tion of the Bible, &ic. A '-Convention for the Roügious Support of Manstealing," in our judgment. would have been quite as near the truth. Dr. Johnson, of South Carolina, is president; ex-Governor Lumpkin, of Georgia, Dr. Fuller, of South Carolina, and others, vicopresidents. Tliis body is to meet every three years. The first meeting ehall be in Nash ville, Teunessee, May, 1846. The boards are to be two in number. for independent purpose.c - one charged with the foreign mispionary deparlment, the other with the homo missions. The foreign board is located in Richmotid, Virginia. Rev. J. B. Jeter, of that State, ie its president; Fuller. of South Carolina, id vice president, and Mall.iry, of Georgia, recording secretary. The home board ie placed at Marión, Alabohla. Dr. Manly, of thnt State, is president, Hon. J. Belton O'Neall, a vice president; professor Reynolds, recörding secretafy. IIow far this división will affect the communin and infercourse of ministers and churches, remains to be seen. Bacfa church at the North hns power to excludo all slaveholders, if it please; nnd euch Southern church may exclude Abolitioniste. The Soutliern Convenlion was large, and was cry unanilüOUB. flT Mr. Giddings woe publicly occuscd laet winter by Mr. Black, of Georgin, of franking a calicó f rock homo to his wife. Mr. Giddiügs has appüed to the Postoffice departmcut for infornmtioh, and discovered that the package referred to - whethnr it contained a frock, üha'v!, or piecc of silk-waa sent by a Democratie mernber, and was Iranked by that distinguishcd defaulting charactcr, Calth McNulty, Clcik of the Houee of Representa Uves.


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